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  1. Harry's "cable" wife (word in " " for quite specific reasons !!) should stay where the 'pepper grows' – a translation from German – when a person is not welcome and does not seem to understand … . As for the lost in space Peterpan-Harry, he can attend online, we do not want his face either, especially after so many fiascos, including the NYC sickening shanenigan.

  2. Perhaps, Her Royal Insolence, is being advised that, as back stabbers, and slanderers, they are losing popularity ground daily, in the UK USA, and the Commonwealth. If she is listening to reasonable PR advisors, she will pedal back, and scramble to keep the titles. Harry cuts a fine figure as a man without his titles, but she is fundamentally frumpy, ordinary, and peasantry even though she is bi-racial. A groundswell of support for the Royal Family is on the horizon. Harry’s “biggest mistake” must know that. She will curry favor like a lap dog…let’s pray the RF, and the UK don’t fall for it again. The Spensers already have enough embarrassment to last several generations.

  3. love how William was very polite to hazbeen but also froze him out! so
    proud of him to not let hazbeen think
    all is forgotten or forgiven!!

  4. Hey, are they part of the Pandora Papers, they are incorporated in Delaware hiding their money, sneaky as usual for haz and murkle.

  5. Harry's numerous lies to the world have been exposed by pulling up pre-Meghan interviews, which he's flipping out on & enraged about being leaked. Your Royal family does not need that hothead there, anymore than we need or want him here.

  6. Harry acted like such a goon at the statue unveiling… like a mischevious 6 year old who couldn't behave … or a narcissist who had to have all the attention on himself. I was embarrassed on his behalf. I dread to see him in Prince William's presence again.

  7. The Spare Prince and the fake Duchess MM appear to have read Donald Trump's "The Art of the Deal". They keep trying to use leverage they don't have and keep overplaying their position. However, MM does have narcissism in common with the Orange Imbecile. Great role models eh?

  8. To late for that they will have to pay the king after all is done and pretty soon they will and hopefully we will never have to hear about them and move on to someone else

  9. I hope Harry and Meghan enjoy spending the holidays alone… Again! No family… How does it feel now Harry! I would never trust Harry again. He always had a recorder attached to him! Meghan wouldn't dare show her face off she knows what's goods for her! They can't show up, they're are no babies!!

  10. I believe that William will never be as close to Harry again. Harry broke the trust. That is difficult to fix.

  11. The only thing that sounds dull here is your constant lies neil, you really have a good imagination, you should pass some of it on to Harry and Meghan because it appears you've got more than them, how do you sleep at night neil?

  12. Look for more trouble with Harry. He's being pushed by a woman who knows no boundaries, and he thinks that she will be his route to fame, money and some kind of power. Her hold over him is so strong that he's no more than a small spider dangling on a web over the fires of hell.

  13. I hope William keeps Harry AS FAR away as possible not just because of the foolish way Harry acted for the statue, but for the STRESS and complete disrespect to the queen and Charles and Catherine.

  14. Meghan won't be attending, she's "staying home to look after the chikdren" and "too famous to attend so will upstage everyone". Or is it because the Palace say "stay away, you're not invited"?

  15. I don't understand why Harry or his wife are so disrespectful to their families. I think everyone has had problems within their families, but to blab about it and just want money, attention and pity is so wrong. Hope they grow up

  16. If the actual unveiling didn't build any bridges, can't see this event doing it either. It's just a follow on from that. Harry is the Elephant in the Room..someone who you meet and greet and get rid of asap so as to enjoy the rest of the day…

  17. There is no reason I can fathom that Harry's wife should be included especially when Harry has made it clear that people who were fans OF Diana but never met here had no right to even grieve her passing. However he does act like his wife knew her personally which was and is totally impossible and she should be lumped in with all those he hates so much for grieving over his mother, a grief that he believes only he us entitled to. He most certainly should leave her back home unless he wants this occasion ruined by people that may not have known Diana but certainly know his wife and are prepared to boo her and throw out dated produce.

  18. No visits at all for EITHER one of them. They made their bed, they crossed a line. NO VISIT, NO CONTACT WITH THE NARC and TRAITOR. 🙏

  19. I feel for the Queen, H is her grandson after all, but alas for the public he has gone to far. 🙏❤️

  20. IF he is allowed to take part let's hope it is on the strict instructions that he returns alone and takes part in NO media interviews what so ever so participates as a private person only. Certainly no "me-gan" intervention or guidance for him.

  21. I'm sick of hearing about a noname irrelevant loser who once had spinners to cover his butt. Not no-mo. I'd shitcan him, Neil. He's really getting old.

  22. Harry was happy in the company of his family, with his brother and sister-in-law. Yet how his life has changed and is now filled with seemingly more unpleasant moments. He may wake up and have a few regrets. (WA Australia)

  23. No your not your a traitor,you and your wife can not be trusted,watch out for any hidden tape ,they are getting desperate for money especially his wife,they can stay out of royal

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