Meghan has she really “lost” influence? #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle


24 thoughts on “Meghan has she really “lost” influence? #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle

  1. What influence ? With whom??family NO ! Friends Who??? How long will anybody last ! Sick sick ! Who will be there in two minutes flat??

  2. No excuses for Stella McCartney, Beyoncé, Tracey Ellis Ross, the Duchess of York, Princess Eugenie, Adele & Sophie Trudeau.

  3. The way she ended her marriage to Trevor by not telling him it was over instead sent back the wedding ring by mail and sleeping with her chef boyfriend while dating hairy tells you a lot about WHAT she's all about, cold, heartless and calculated. The Queen, William, Kate and staff all saw it from the beginning. She planned her revenge on them once she knew they had caught onto her by telling every possible lie she could think of. Unfortunately, she's a terrible liar.

  4. U.S. likes you, Neil, but do not want Harry and wife. It's a misconception in England to think USA likes them- Unless all you hear are their paid PR teams praising them, and bots liking them? Not us. Hollywood, DC doesn't want them. No one does. We tune in to British you tube in anticipation and hopes of Harry's DEPARTURE. They tried to fool everyone and ended up making fools of themselves.

  5. I use to like your news feed, all you talk about is HARRY AND MEGHAN…they are not royals anymore, so why don't you talk about the other Royals…..I for one am tired of hearing about them….let hear more about William and Kate, and their family…better yet more about the Queen….

  6. That thing the EUNUCH PRINCE married only had influence on MORONS that didn't know sh-t from clay . You CANNOT put Brains into Monuments, it is as simple as that !!

  7. She showed her true colors and they are ugly ugly ugly
    I would not wish her to an enemy. It does not matter who it is. You date someone and when you see through them and it is not good, you leave and hope your path won't cross again. She will never be anything but bad news. Someone people are just bad that is why we have serial killers, murderers, abusers. There is no help but to put them away. She is bad news period.

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