Meghan loses first High Court fight against Mail On Sunday


The Duchess of Sussex has lost the first High Court fight against the publishers of The Mail On Sunday.

A High Court judge has sided with Associated Newspapers that three aspects of Meghan’s case should be struck out.

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Date: October 18, 2020

38 thoughts on “Meghan loses first High Court fight against Mail On Sunday

  1. The whole case should be struck out! Once she mailed that letter to her father it became his property. She no longer has any rights to it!!! It's not her data she gave it to her dad.

  2. I am happy that someone finally presents the bill to MM for her actions. I respect the always elegant reaction of the royal family, but sometimes serious measures against a vulgar and ignorant bully must be taken.

  3. because he gathered the data he's allowed to share it but the quoted text of any document is private and personal and is a violation of the privacy act and the information act. Especially if it contains sexually explicit material.

  4. This pair of nasty little narcissists are heading for a fall and I can't wait to see it. It's funny how they are happy to use the media when it suits them such as for their recent staged publicity stunt where they were accidentally photographed handing out food parcels to the needy in LA.

  5. I don't really care about these news. However I've just lost faith in humanity reading this comments section. It's all bitterness, anger and resentment. Such a waste of energy.

  6. In the Church,. Harry cracks s joke to Edward,. He giggles Sofia disciplined Him , a tad too loudly,.and everyone gets upset.🙉

  7. MM should have just let it go. This is only bringing more attention to an unfortunate situation in which her father was not able to walk down the aisle. It doesn't make her look good in the eye of public opinion. She should take a lesson from the rest of The Royal Family – because if this is the first sign in the case – it is simply not going to turn out well. At least her attorneys are going to make a load of money.

  8. The Duchess of Sussex. She’s a charlatan. If she wasn’t interested in being royalty, she’d hand that title back. She doesn’t represent Sussex, does nothing to promote business in or around Sussex, just uses the title for personal gain and attention. The woman is a narcissistic nightmare. She doesn’t want to be Royal….but wants to tart herself around as one. She’s disgraceful. Get rid!

  9. Remember no photo of her at the Wimbledon tennis court? She was at a public place with hundreds of people during a match

  10. Royals, actors and politicians give up their right to privacy to an extent, as do 'celebrities'. Oh, and (convicted) criminals too.

    Some by choice, some involuntarily.

  11. Im no fan , but to be faiŕ the press did give her a hard timè .got to respect harry for sticking to his guns .in my my mind harry is right . He loves her and stood up for his wife .true gent.

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