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  1. A woman who always has something positive to say. Meghan has always been Meghan – Inspirational. When she speaks she pulls you in and you definitely want to go and try the best burger in town. Duchess Meghan is a woman of substance💯👌✔

  2. She is SO well spoken, beautiful, smart, she was born to be a Royal in her own terms. Harry is a lucky man and he knows it.
    I can see why some people hate her, because when you are almost perfect people feel jealous of you, specially when you are a woman.
    Meghan, you were born to shine!

  3. ICU Tag: Now! ASK your Self "IS the Grass Greener on the OTHER Side?" literally 4her…If UR already EVERGREEN! Beauty N the Broken"-"Royalty

  4. What a fraud, great burgers thought she was a vegan, made everyone follow her rules even screamed at the chef for her wedding that she thought she taste egg in her dishes when they were just great chefs following her rules, the list just goes on and on. So no not a great inspiration!

  5. I can't hate on her,what if we got served a life filled with potential of dreams coming true,wealth,attraction,we should just be happy,and work at achieving our goals too.

  6. This is hysterical..I just cane across this..I love she says don’t give anything 5 minutes if you won’t give 5 years….lol….lol…what a top notch phony and liar,…oh people give up too easily….lol…lol…she gave the Royals 1 1/2 years..what a joke,…she says she loves history like in Musso Frank…the oldest restaurant in this chick kidding,….she wanted to put air freshener in the magnificent, historic cathedral in her wedding because it smelled old,.she is disgusting..liar,,someone must find this and show her for who she is…a fraud… for everyone to see what a piece of work she is,,.unbelievable…..

  7. Meghan is beautiful from the heart reminds me of princess Diana the world most amazing princess and beautiful from the heart

  8. So why did you Rachel Meghan Markle marry Trevor you lived with him as common law woman you marry him but you didn't give the marriage 5yrs as you stated if you cannot give it according to you 5 mins , you was saying the things you think people want to hear but doing the opposite why??? You know how people call things like you ? Imposter and you prove to the world you are even worse than an imposter you also said your mother told you dont give the milk away for free what does that mean? Get money for it I'll never tell my girl child that that'll do just what you did sell their body for money and today you want to be role model for children? I'll never never send my girl child in anything or conversation you have you're not a role model you prostituted yourself today you call yourself UK Princess and duchess poor example fof a human being you also called yourself vegan but yet you're talking about where you used to get a juicee hamburger then you and Harry was rosting chichen when he popped the question in other words you are vegan sometimes and a murderer sometimes burger is beef well yes chicken is poultry but vegan is not like that either you are or you not tell ue which one you are you are notorious a compulsive liar deceptive everything negative you are just like how did you and your mother obtained that house give us the story did you guys give your uncle his share of the house and how did your grandfather die? That case can still be opened i already told you God dont like ugly and what are you putting in Harry's food? Everything i said here is public information also you did not graduate from that college how many degrees you own? You claim to be this biy actor how many awards you won tell us your father's brother got you that job in Buenos Aires did you give him thanks ? Well of course not look what you did to your father always remember what goes around comes around you little social climber it will never be well with you you can have all the money in the world there'll he always unhappiness see how quick you moved in on Harry's money look at the amount of jewelry you accumulated in such a short period look at the amount of the tax payers money you spent plus what you're hiding under different names you will never be happy girl all the beautiful clothes you wear you're still ugly not psychically as you know beauty comes from within but dont worry your time is coming sooner than later you watch there's still alot of heartache and trouble ahead be careful girl

  9. Wow, she has good voice and diction. She is also good in speaking in public. What an intelligent woman she is! Keep it up Meg! Don't be bothered by the haters lurking around.
    You have a great life even before Harry.

  10. This is the real Meghan that nature intended not the royal nonsense we are seeing now and the way she is dressing she is being stifled

  11. Meghan said "a quote I LIVE by" : "Don't give it 5 minutes if you're not going to give it 5 years. People get frustrated and drop out of the game instead of being resilient and sticking with it." Yet she dumped her husband, overnight, after just 2 years!!!

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