Meghan Markle Lawsuit Could Reveal Her 5 Confidantes | Daily Pop | E! News


British rag “Daily Mail” threatens to release the identities of the Duchess’ five closest friends. Watch “Daily Pop” weekdays at 9:30am ET|12:30pm PT.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1169031/meghan-markle-seeks-to-block-public-naming-of-5-women-who-defended-her

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Meghan Markle Lawsuit Could Reveal Her 5 Confidantes | Daily Pop | E! News


Date: July 13, 2020

22 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Lawsuit Could Reveal Her 5 Confidantes | Daily Pop | E! News

  1. You guys sound stupid. The lawsuit was filed last year HRH duchess of Sussex against MoS and they stepped down from senior royals and no longer use titles but the legal papers remain the same. They have not lost their titles but the palace fear they will capitalize on titles so they do not use them. MoS is playing games to bully her to drop the lawsuits but Sussex fans has a fear idea who those 5 friends are if you knew Meghan before royalty. Fan if the "tig". H&M is carrying on with their lives while the MoS dragging out the case to try it in the public to make money. The UK media is a joke to us now that the lies and everybody they paid to lie on Meghan is coming out. Search the facts guys.

  2. She claims she didn’t know the 5 friends were going to come out with the story, how did they get pieces of the letter to her father though.? She’s a Liar. Point Blank

  3. Where is the outrage that trifling Andrew still keeps his title, does nothing but embarrass the Queen by buying houses and not paying for them, and cavorts with a convicted pedophile? Why aren't people seeing through the BS that the media is putting out to cover up for Andrew?Why aren't people pissed that the Queen paid his debts? Oh I know why most of the Media is owned by the same man, including this network.

  4. The mega reptile has Markled her friends — and they deserve this. To defame a Father! She is a heartless golddigger, a middle-aged talentless woman of easy virtues. The Ho of Soho House.

  5. I feel for these guys. They are so heavily censored, walking a tightrope, keeping their jobs. I don't agree with it but i feel for them. Don't take tabloid news to heart

  6. That girl is a rebel without a cause. Her comeback to Hollywood has been a bust as well as Sussex Royal.
    Rebel with No Cause. Again, Queen gets the last laugh.

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