Meghan Take That – Has Kate Hit Back #meghanmarkle #katemiddleton #princeharry


23 thoughts on “Meghan Take That – Has Kate Hit Back #meghanmarkle #katemiddleton #princeharry

  1. What ia wrong with Kate passing it on or on loan for the designer. Hollywood celebrities both male and female have been doing it for nearly 100 hundred years. Let the mainstream corporate media try that one.

  2. No matter what you English say, I definitely prefer Meghan's style. I remember Katherie's look at Kamila at Harry's wedding, very telling. Was it classy? Please be consistent in what you say, not biased. No wonder, Meghan had enough.

  3. Love the tie Neil. Re Global Citizen, I can tell you for a fact that all money goes to where they say. I could provide you with the breakdown if you haven't got it Neil. A lot of ppl, including me, who are involved in GC weren't happy that they were onstage, even though it wasn't for long.
    As for the clothes, Rachel has no hope of competing with Catherine Cambridge, and it has nothing to do with weight. Personally I find it difficult to believe that Rachel actually gave birth to Archie or the daughter. I refuse to call her Lillibet. I refuse to be that disrespectful to the Queen

  4. Kate is a royal! Meghan is not… period! Even after she divorced Prince Charles, everyone referred to Diana as Princess Diana!

  5. I don't get the need to pit women against each other?? Both can have their own style and look. Are people so bored of their minds they have to literally sit here and criticize what the rich decide to wear?

  6. Kate's dress is equivalent to about $4K U.S. dollars. For a Royal of Kate's stature that is not excessive in the least, and what an absolutely gorgeous, classy, fitted gown it is!

  7. Who the hell is Megan Who? That cable actress, yacht escord and social climber giving birth to silicon dolls?

  8. My only thing about that dress was it’s length, nothing about her figure. I’m sure Duchess Catherine really wished it could have been there. Then accepted the fact that it’s not possible.

  9. I believe Prince William, chose his wife because she has many fine qualities. Catherine, has a bubbling personality, very loving, caring, and a truly compassionate way with whomever she encounters. Princess Diana, would have loved Catherine, and together they probably would have worked side by side. Catherine, has a natural beauty and her clothing reflects her choice of style. I love the way Prince William and Catherine, relate to the public, just as his mother did. Their children are absolutely delightful. God bless their family! Sending warm 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗. CarrieJo-Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 🇺🇸

  10. DON'T want to watch and certainly won't watch your stupid racist video-I've just clicked onto the comment section to say.. when I first saw that outfit haha SWEET WRAPPING came to my mind. Seriously you know those sweets you finding a pick n' mix box, especially Christmas time. Kate can never measure up to Megan at time. Megan is elegant classy intelligent etc. Kate boring & dull..that's why she needed a -SWEET WRAPPER to bighten-up.

  11. nutmeg is nice looking with the extra weight-if only she would stop being a narcissist. as for kate no much here, kate is the future queen and nutmeg is an old spice

  12. Kate wasn't fighting back. Her style has always outclassed Meghan. Tell it like it is Neil. There is no competition from Kate here. Had to make a second comment.

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