Meghan & that “return” is threatened yet again? #meghanmarkle #meghanandharry #royalnews


27 thoughts on “Meghan & that “return” is threatened yet again? #meghanmarkle #meghanandharry #royalnews

  1. If Haz-been and his narcissistic wife Meg-gain ever return to visit the RF please make sure they have absolutely NO recording devices (cell phones, cameras, recording devices, mics hidden on them etc.). They are out for the kill and will use anything they can to use against the RF in order to keep making money and appear to be important.

  2. Can you imagine the atmosphere with 2 elephants in the room!! I'm sure there would be a few cutting remarks made after a few glasses of sherry …Christmas is a time to enjoy with family and friends, Markle and her Muppet can't be classed as either anymore, but I do feel very sorry for their imaginary children, it seems they will never have the joy of knowing Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles etc from either side, and the blame falls on their parents, no one else

  3. She slithered her way, noticed she was looking at the camera, look at me I'm here. Now, they went to NY to attend an event for their netflix. She brought their videographer with them. I watched talk shows about their NY gig, they are all mocking them. One show says they are not representing us here in the US and not representing the queen either. They claim they care about climate change but uses private jet all the time they fly. I hope the queen put a stop to her coming back.

  4. She wouldn't want to photographed in her Tella Tubby suit standing next to stunningly slim and fit Katherine. She's gutless!

  5. Oh please cut them off they are making a mockering of the royal family and pretty soon the commonwealth would vote to get rid of the royals, is that what the Queen wants, her majesty would have more respect if she take the titles away from harry and his evil wife now, she is thinking of history repeating it self but stand up to them and show them that you are not a push-over. They both know that you will not do it but they enjoys hurting his family act now before its too late and your majesty you lose everyone

  6. If they go for Christmas im sure they will have wires and recordings and it will be on a documentary so money can be made. The only reason they would want to reconcile is for photo ops and material to sell. So sad and even at Christmas. Keeping children hidden to bring out at the most valuable time to them.

  7. Reconciliation, whhhhaaaaatttt. If they step foot in the UK it will be with their photographer etc for Netflix. Anything for money and a headline. 🤦‍♀️

  8. Why does she make a fuss over other children when she can, t be bothered with hethe two she, s supposed to have but then we all know she will do anything for PUBLICITY

  9. Megabucks and her zombified Dupe are now exposed now as never before.

    Did she really waste a million and a half bucks getting an image on Time Magazine?

    If she did it is proof positive of the true character of this chiselling, freeloading, parasitic, headline seeking, money grabbing, attention seeking, personification of greed, grifting excuse for a human being.

    A shallow hustler that, if media commentators are right, used and abused men to progress her somewhat lacklustre career; a woman that would have us believe has now undergone an amazing transformation.

    She has miraculously been anointed by the Creator and has now been propelled to sainthood no less. Saint Megabucks, it has a ring to it. That ring being through the ginger whinger nose as she pulls the poor Dupe along.

    Megabucks has overnight (and since she married Hapless Harry) morphed from third rate bit part bimbo actress to wise sage, professor, genius, guru/mentor, an instantly pontificating expert and commentator on every ill/injustice/humanitarian crisis impacting mankind from A to Z , ( Afghanistan, BLM, Climate Change, De forestation, Environment, etc., etc., just think of any cause and/or bandwagon and on it they will jump). Sainthood status or the greatest con trick ever pulled off, falsehood status?

    She is, of course, or rather would have us believe, desperately concerned about all of them. She simply has to wear her so loving and caring heart on her sleeve. She has a saintly voice, wants it to be heard. Strange that when in the past all she was concerned for was her own avarice and wealth creation, her own career self-promotion, aggrandisement, ever upward advancement. Shifting endlessly through the gears, ever higher up the acting profession greased pole.

    There are lame brains, simpletons and idiots, of course, that believe her transformation to overnight sainthood. The executives at Netflix were.

    Opera Windbag was.

    She can fool some of the people, some of the time, all of the people, some of the time; but, not all of the people all of the time.

    Well with one exception, of course, that being Hapless.

    Married in haste, Hapless repents at leisure. His new media handle is Dupe of Sussex, a handle he richly deserves. His role now being her dupe to be manipulated as necessary, like a rabbit in the headlights, to assist her gain that voice and with it a shed load of cash for hawking their titles to all and sundry. Take those away and what is left?

    Truly what is left? Two spectacularly lacklustre middle-aged freeloaders maybe? Two chancers, one propelled overnight to a saint, one propelled overnight to a fool (I can just hear Mr T say it in that way only he could do to give the word full justice) the sad pair of them hustling every which way to leech dosh from plonkers daft enough to shell out and believe they are genuine.

    All the while plonkers believe them, of course, the con trick works. NY has many that have been conned. They will not be the last, not by a long chalk.

    As hustlers go these two are a class act.

  10. She is poision snake, feud scammer charity money, lies l feel meghan will big hell in.prision for long time.

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