Meghan was she dumped from a documentary? #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle


49 thoughts on “Meghan was she dumped from a documentary? #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle

  1. She has to keep the royal fued going it's her only claim to fame.and Harry is useless I don't think he has met anyone as evil as his wife .they sleep in separate bedrooms so he won't see the removal of the moon bump .

  2. proverb If you judge or condemn someone else, you stand to be judged or condemned according to the same standard; do not judge unsympathetically or hypocritically. … The phrase was said by Jesus in the Bible (Matthew 7:1).

  3. The Duke of Edinburgh was the backbone of the Royal Family for 70+ years.
    Her Majesty has a different role, hers was The Country, (the United Kingdom), The Commonwealth (all our countries throughout the world) and The Church of England. (The Anglican Church).
    Harry’s wife was NOT liked by Prince Phillip! Many have repeated his comment about not marrying actresses. Certainly she would not have been welcomed by the Family to make even one single comment. Look what she tried on during Prince Phillip’s funeral regarding HER flowers and PERSONAL message.
    Prince Phillip had her measure and I’m sure it was with great sadness that he watched his beloved grandson become the Prince Harry is now is, especially during and after the interview with Oprah as his life was ending. I’m sure he had some succinct words to say to his wife on the subject prior to his passing. Yes, he had that woman’s measure indeed.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing it. I’m so glad that Harry’s wife will not besmirch its footage.
    Nice tie today Neil.

  4. She is repulsive and would regurgitate in her horrid voice of spew. Prince Philip had BS Meter like no other. As he said, “….you step out with an actress, not marry her”.

  5. Current "photoshop" on the cover of Time mag represents the "Addams Family"…Morticia and Gomez, very weird design and even 'scarry', maniless on M and feminisim on H…what an American tragedy representing the antithesis of family..but not a spin like the "Addams Family"…

  6. I loved prince Philip he spoke the truth, strate as it was amazing man I liked his truthfulness, the way he supported his wife out queen, loved being a father and there free time in the summer.
    When the grandchildren came along, nice summer barbecues ( as we have been told he was king of the barbecues) fishing with the family bike rides etc. He tried as did the queen to give there children a good childhood. He was a mans man a protester to his whole family. I found it funny when he got irritable with the press and slip of the tongue made me like him more because he was prince Philip, he never took credit for his good work he did he to me was an amazing man I would have been over the moon to have him in my family.

  7. I'm sure she could have made up a story about Prince Philip if she had been invited, she's proved to be very adept at story telling after all 😏

  8. It wasn't about HER! Of course, they could've included a SMALL NON-SPEAKING cameo. But why should they after all?? First I've heard about it. What an extraordinary life he had — and no rose garden either!

  9. Wow! Subscribers coming thick and fast! So good to see, and well deserved. Good story Neil. I’ll be watching the doc, I loved him too, no filter!

  10. Why would should she be included, it’s about Prince Philip, what contribution could have Ms Pinocchio made. She is all about me myself and I.

  11. These 2 irrelevant gold diggers should never be included , they went on with that rant of lies to Orca knowing very well he was dying and M made a point she was not going to delay the release because of this. Two of the most self entitled vile middles aged nothings on this earth. RIP Prince Philip 🙏🏻

  12. Why is Catherine not on the video? I think that’s a bit unfair. We need not care about a backlash for excluding Meghan anymore, enough is enough and the RF do not need to embrace her as a relevant member of the family or as a UK public servant. Meghan has expressed her loathing for the RF , which a lot of stupid people are now calling ‘The Firm.’ How ridiculously illiterate is this term? Must’ve got it from her only moment of glory on that B list series, Suits! I wish M&H well in their Private lives but do not want to see them making money from spreading lies, which is what they are doing!

  13. A narcissistic social climber who has no morals or empathy towards others, why would she be allowed to speak about our beloved Prince Phillip, she didn't know him. The general public knew him better than her. She would have turned it all to about herself coming into the RF any way, glad she was not in the documentary

  14. It has become irritating being forced to see her trying to be famous since we know she lied to the world and harry to be who she is a so called duchess. It's strange how she has no respect for herself nor shame. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Harry you don't need Megan Markle to keep dragging you down. Go back to your life in UK. Leave MM to US to dealt with.

  16. Phillip was able to read people like books and no doubt saw Princess Pinocchio for the conniving manipulator she is. Of course he put his foot down and banished her from the documentary.

  17. They hardly knew each other. Harry’s wife purposely declined invitations to go to Balmoral last summer stating that her son was too young, yet old enough to go other countries.
    And she declined Christmas invitations.
    It’s best she be left off the documentary. Very wise decision.

  18. The World will Go on and so will the Monarchy. No little hung-up SPARE and his narc wife will prevent that.

  19. That is Meghan’s greatest failure in my mind. She had (some) access to get to know the Queen and the Duke of Edinburg. Instead of being grateful and showing them the respect they were due she created histrionics and ran back to Hollywood. FAIL.

  20. Anyway Prince Philip spoke his truth !!!!!!, I call it straight talking . I don't believe PP would of wanted nutmeg to speak her truth , As it would be full of lies with no truth . As nutmeg did not no him ♥️🖤💛🧡❤️💚💜💙🇮🇪

  21. Thank god for that, the brainless miss no body don’t deserve to be associated with a man who respect the Queen and his wife and done more goods than the trashy cabbage from Hollywood ever dream of!

  22. Has everyone noticed since the Obama snub it's only Ginge that is being employed by organisations? The only exposure Whinge is getting is by her own PR attempts. She really is genuinely on the outer now.

  23. I'm an American and have never liked her. I remember the first dating rumors and my heart just sank. I knew it would be a disaster. I thought surely something or someone would intervene. I really don't understand how she could fool anyone. Harry has really disappointed is he really so easily manipulated?

  24. Many seem to have something of a cognitive dissonance as far as Prince Philip is concerned! He's the guy who said he wanted to 'reincarnate as a deadly virus to solve the issue of overpopulation'! It seems someone who had a similar sentiment shuffled off their mortal coil before he did and beat him to it! What a lovely guy!!

  25. Why did M6/7 'clean' the Internet of MM because her background was well known. Hopefully the pictorial and videos will reappear over time. Also her records on school, medical and criminal fiies will at some time be unsealed by a top judge.

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