Meghan wins legal battle with Mail on Sunday over “private” letter to her father – BBC News


Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has won a two-year legal battle with the Mail on Sunday over the publication of a letter she wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, after her wedding to Prince Harry.

The High Court ruled that the Duchess had had a reasonable expectation that the letter would remain private.

In a statement she thanked the court for holding the newspaper to account and said the damage the paper had done and continued to do runs deep.

Associated Newspapers, the publishers of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, said they were surprised and disappointed by the judgement.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

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Date: September 11, 2021

44 thoughts on “Meghan wins legal battle with Mail on Sunday over “private” letter to her father – BBC News

  1. Mail on Sunday just wanted a trial for the sport and so that they could continue writing articles and raking in the advertising dollars. Such a disgusting paper with disgusting journalists, as are the other tabloid scum who ruin people’s lives.

  2. You can sue legal action for destroying your reputation .A successful lawsuit for defamation of character might require a showing of real damage caused by the statement. … Defamation of character occurs when someone makes a false and harmful statement about you. "Libel" is a defamatory statement made in writing or posted online, while "slander" is spoken defamation.and if any of That Will be proven thier Will be a compensation.

  3. So, seeing Nutmeg sued The Mail on Sunday out of desperation for money… the only thing left for them to do, is to sue her father! Why should he get away with it when he was the one that exposed that letter to them and Nutmet never sued him as he has nothing… and why should Clutchy Duchy make even more money? Sue her father!

  4. News flash she just won her copyright case as well 😂 she stay winning your loss UK you had a woman of substance now all you got is stale and boring

  5. Their tactics are ruthless and are dangerous. They go after these people with such violent effort to expose them at all cost…..Just to make money. Diana died unnecessarily and they're responsible for that. I'm completely surprised that they haven't learned their lesson.

  6. Its about time we consigned these tabloids to history. They stopped becoming 'news' papers many years ago, and have just become gossip and slander papers. I think that they should have three strikes if they continues to print lies, slanderous or privacy breaching stories. First strike – a severe reprimand and print a retraction. A massive fine for second strike. And a 6 or 12 month ban for a third strike. We may then actually see more news in our papers than gossip. To be honest though I stopped buying the toilet paper years ago.

  7. The only think I can not understand about the royal when something happening the don't make peace but to talk about stripping harry and title from then. This is just making matter worse. Taking the title from harry and meghan that will not make them come back to the UK. The should just give little chance. Making trouble with every little things that can't fix things. Harry and meghan hard working. If you takes the title harry and meghan can works with the united nations, meghan works their before so it wouldn't be no problems for them. So it's just good for the Queen and charles and william to call them when the baby is born and makes peace. The Queen and her will not be around longer. I think the Queen should put her children together. If thinks still the way it is there will be no understand amount them. People who are in that palace have no where to go so the continuous cause troubles amount your children. The Queen need to take stands.

  8. A significant moment indeed!! The Fourth Estate needs to be held accountable too in respecting people’s privacy and in ensuring balanced reporting.

  9. The snotty reward intraspecifically hate because iran intialy excite apud a long sturgeon. plain, violet transaction

  10. First they thought: "how DARE she sue! How gauche!"
    Then: "What?…you actually agree with her?"
    Finally: "Damn, this is really going to cost us"
    MM -1; BP – 0

  11. Sad.Its her father did wrong..not the paper.and for that matter Meghan and Harry just magnify everything for publicity for themselves.Enough of them..I'm sorry for the Queen and her family.

  12. Keep suing the hell out of there. They write lies and missleading articles all the time and don't care the hate and anger they incite is so dangerous and distressing.

  13. Keep winning Meg, and you didn't have to sell out your father to win,congratulations on your new baby too. Proud of you sis.

  14. I agree that everyone has a right to privacy but it was actually the Duchess’s father who leaked the private correspondence. What on earth was he thinking betraying his daughter like that? While The Mail bears some responsibility here, I think Thomas Markle is equally, if not more, culpable.

  15. Well the standard shouldn’t be whether SHE expected the letter to be private, it’s whether a reasonable person in her situation would have expected it. Under the circumstances, nobody would have expected the father to not sell it. Duh. The Court did Queen a favour with this one certainly.

  16. Wow surly there is better or more important things than some bimbo thats married a 2 bit sell out monarch wanting more privacy there both a joke now.

  17. She a prominent figure which is why judge let her win if it was average Joe the newspaper would have won. Read article 8 of the ECHR or HR 1998 act.

  18. If God is with you don't matter what people say God is at your side who God bless haters can go in every thing remember to put God first God bless you and your family

  19. Lots of Media gave huge respect to Princess Diana, when she's alive….., Because of her beautiful appearance….. Meghan is a beautiful woman too.. Media should respect her…. We people love her very much

  20. The British press underestimated Meghan thinking she was a easy target due to the supposedly “never complain, never explain” stance of the Royal Family. However this is not true because RF do complain and explain when it wants to. Only Meghan as disclosed by court documents was prevented by the palace from defending herself. The BM media forgot that Meghan was a fully formed person when she entered the family and had been fighting against injustice from age eleven. They along with the courtiers and the “so-called carnival of experts” bitterly abused her every single minute that she spent in that family. What a nightmare she found herself in. It a relief she escaped that situation and she deserves a hearty congratulations for this win👏. This win is also for the common people whose lives were ruined by the UK press.

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