Men Trapped In Sea Storm Battle Dangerous Waves | Shackleton Epic: Death Or Glory S1 EP1 | Wonder


The greatest explorer of all time, Sir Ernest Shackleton led his 27 men into a frozen danger zone, and incredibly brought them all back alive. Now, a crew of six men, led by explorer Tim Jarvis, attempts to follow in Shackleton’s wake. Using exactly the same equipment and clothing used a century before, Tim and his crew take themselves beyond the point of no return.

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Date: May 14, 2020

47 thoughts on “Men Trapped In Sea Storm Battle Dangerous Waves | Shackleton Epic: Death Or Glory S1 EP1 | Wonder


  2. Basically, these guys are tougher than the average human and probably everyone reading this comment including myself, and the guys that originally did this probably make these guys look like little girls. Humans are getting pretty soft.

  3. They left out the part where Shakelton and his men had to get to elephant island from the sea ice which was just about as dangerous. The boat were tied together and they were afraid an Orca was going to take all thee boats down.

  4. Shackleton was an absolute badass with balls of steel. An incredible leader that took the responsibility of his crew very seriously. I've read the book "Endurance" a few times now, and what he did was nothing short of amazing and on the edge of insanity, but he didn't have a choice.

  5. Nice to suffer like Shackleton did, but why would you wear those ineffective clothes, if you KNOW that Amundsen used far better clothing? Scott struggled in Antarctica, while Amundsen made a dash to the south pole, skiing. Just because Amundsen used sled dogs and clothing based on the experience of people living in the arctic. The Inuit do not wear 19th century European clothes for a reason. So, why don't you try Amundsen's approach? Now you do a live action role play and you choose to be the losers. That's sympathetic, but I think you'd have more fun playing Amundsen. Why do you think Amundsen was faster? Not because he was cheating, was he?

  6. Ok, so why they didn’t stock up with proper food supplies. What’s up with that nasty looking trail mix porridge. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀, Jolly well! 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂Cheers and beers 🍺 mates!

  7. Shackleton's survival story is indeed one for the ages, but the men in the book "Island of the Lost" are legend. Set in about 1865, they were shipwrecked in the Antarctic Sea and not only had to survive but then built a boat on the wind swept Auckland Islands and even built a FORGE to manufacture the iron parts needed to assemble the boat. It took a year and a half because there were almost no resources. The sea journey to safety was a miracle not unlike Shackleton. Both are epic tales of survival that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  8. Wasn't captain William Bligh's journey with a handful of men more miraculous? They were set adrift in the south pacific in a lifeboat by the HMS Bounty's mutineers with a chart and a sexton. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but he navigated something like 1800 nautical miles to Australia with almost no provisions. Of course the conditions in that part of the Pacific weren't quite as extreme.

  9. Reveal 40 minutes into the video they are being "shadowed" by a much larger rescue boat, within sighting distance no less. I immediately stopped watching.

  10. No mention of the navigator, Frank Worsley? Did they navigate by dead reckoning, taking a reading once a day (if that), as Worsley had to? Was the boat loaded with rocks for ballast, that they slept among? Did they have the non-sailor McNish, who was taken on to prevent him causing discord on the Island? Were the men compromised by months of hardship and the horrible voyage to Elephant island? Did they embark on April 24? Were they in danger of frostbite? Were they facing death, plus the deaths of 21 other men should they fail? (Probably not, as they had a support ship with them.) Here we see fit modern men sailing a replica while dressed up in the old burberrys and eating hoosh. This play acting degrades the remarkable truth of the boat journey to South Georgia.

  11. Boat is way to small. Not a fair or scientific comparison at all. 18 mins in…nothing on them or the boat is safety colored, no life jackets, drinking alcohol. they deserved what they got for being insight, foresight lacking idiots. There was more than one of them, no one could mention any of this?? Oh, and pretty selfish too for ignoring safety when they had loved ones waiting for them to return.

  12. Noone could ever replicate Shackletons journey to South Georgia. Imagine where they slept loaded with rocks and no comfort of knowing a rescue ship was following. Imagine constantly bailing out water and your sleeping bag rotted. That was just some of their hardships.

  13. I'm beginning to believe that my white race are indeed"Insane". I don't think they love life enough or they have it too good and they are madly bored.


  14. Where are all the women signing up for this? The media has told me that there are no differences between the sexes, so much so that they told me that sex is a made up construct… Just like sewer divers, and so many extreme risk jobs, where are they?

  15. If you want to never reach your goal and die: Go with Scott. If you want to never reach your goal and survive: Go with Shackleton. If you want to reach your goal pretty comfy and come back: Go with Amundsen.

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