Mexican Drug Cartel's Grip On Juarez | Narco State | Sky News


Azteca Cartel lieutenant Danny drives Sky’s Stuart Ramsay around the Mexican town of Juarez, and explains the control the gang has over both the residents and the police.

This report is part of our Narco State series. Watch more videos at http://bit.ly/1G8ETNe.

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Date: May 22, 2020

17 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Cartel's Grip On Juarez | Narco State | Sky News

  1. "Everyone here is involved in this"…. Hmmm and that's why we have to protect the border and deport people who are ONLY interested in committing MORE CRIMES in America. We don't want to live like this!!!! They terrorize, torture, extort, rape and murder their OWN people!!! What WOULDN'T they do to US?!

  2. cause   why   do  a  drug  cartel   would  allow  a  camera  crew  with  them  for  money??   wtf   i  know  thats  a reallity  but i   dont   think  cartels  need  that  bullshit

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