Mexico suffering world’s highest Covid death rate as cases surge – BBC News


Mexico is currently suffering the world’s highest death rate from coronavirus, with hospitals at breaking point.

More than 320,000 people are thought to have died in Mexico with coronavirus. The authorities have updated their figures which are some 60 per cent higher than they had previously stated.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Will Grant in Mexico City.

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Date: September 14, 2021

50 thoughts on “Mexico suffering world’s highest Covid death rate as cases surge – BBC News

  1. The ones taking Bill Gates
    liquid death DEPOPULATION
    … are the ones dying, since they place their trust in mankind

  2. Media calls everything COVID that's not even a virus…lol.

    Billy Gates CERTIFICATE of VACCINATION IDENTIFICATION- is being called a virus.. lol, a piece of paper

  3. What about INDIA? They soon have the highest death toll in the world, if they don't already have the dubious honor. Covid is consuming our species, our planet.

  4. was told that every achievement begins with a decision to try.
    Ignorance destroy so many opportunities,
    l’m a victim but was convinced by this nice paying platform, Automate they have been good to so many people and still maintaining that.

  5. God bless Mexico, " Mexico too far from god and too close to America" now brutalised by a virus unleashed from lab of another evil China.


  7. Prayers and best wishes to anyone going through this. We can overcome this as a world but we have to be smart, patient, and careful. We have to care for one another and only then can we begin to recover as a global society. We have free will on this earth and we can choose to make this situation better or worse.

  8. Last December I was seriously admitted due to corona with pneumonia.Nearly 25 days I was in Hospital and later 50 days continued my treatment in my home.My symptoms are heavy breathing difficulty,Diarrhea, Fatigue,Diabeties,Blurred vision, Neurological problems (bad dream, short term memory loss), Giddinees, Headache, swelling in leg etc.. On December 19 my lungs got 95% filled with mucus due to viral pneumonia and my condition got serious…
    Doctors failed to cure my symptoms each time i asked to them about my conditions and symptoms to cure… but they said we don't know what to do… we are doing what we know.
    Then I turned completely to my Lord Jesus Christ and started to pray to my God. Since that time i couldn't walk or do any activities due to diarrhoea but after my God began to work he given me… energy to wash dress , Eat food and do my activities. In bed i hear my Lord Jesus Christ message and prayed to him about my condition.On that day onwards my condition improved… each day my symptoms getting reduced… So many who prayed for me to my Lord Jesus. I got completely alright after 75 days among that 25 days in hospital.Three times my breathing collapsed and i nearly go to death but my Lord Jesus cleared my blocked mucus immediately. Bro.Mohan C Lazarus and Soman pastor prayer help me to recover from sudden breathing arrest…Praise the Lord…Their prayer help me… alot

    👉For Corona patients hospital staff will give only medicines… sometimes that act to our body… sometimes it doesn't… So don't trust anything… trust only God… pray for your loved once thats the only hope.

    👉 For breathing difficulty even though condition is weak take steam inhalation… clear the lungs to take breathing… I tried hard to clear my lungs by steam inhalation.. Doctor didn't pushed me… as a medical career Lecture i know well about that.

    👉Food, Cashew, Pista, Dark kissmiss taken at proper 3 hours gap..
    👉Drinked water 6 – 7 litres per day

    👉Tension causes condition more severe so don't be tensed… My trust in Lord Jesus made me to bold and i didn't feared even when my breathing was stoped for a moment.

    Inshort My Lord Jesus Christ saved me from Corona brutality. Thank to my Only Lord Jesus… thank you soo much…

    🙏I'm telling if you're affected with corona seriously believe in Lord Jesus and pray to him you will see the miracle like me…

    Unlike any other disease this is very dangerous disease its my experience… Only God can save…us

    Anoop S R
    MSC Nursing

  9. Well, considering that mexicans are surging across the border then what does this mean for covid rates in the USA?….

  10. If you analyze it…People get killed due to difficulty of breathing after contracting covid…Alll of the shared videos about covid catastrophe in india and mexico shows one thing…"Lacked of Oxygen leading to asphyxiation"…I'm not in the medical field but is it possible to oxygenate the blood "seperately" without going to the normal process of breathing or Is it also possible to help the covid patient with this method plus inhaling oxygen?. Just imagine a dialysis method "soto speak" where blood is being oxygenated. This i thinked will provide a higher success of patient recovery on covid. I'm from the Philippines and my high hopes for india and mexico as a nation to combat this deadly disease.

  11. …and yet, we are opening restaurants, looking after opening schools and getting chinese shots which are completely useless.

  12. Deberían avergonzarse de hacer un reportaje tan sesgado y poco objetivo. Una verdadera vergüenza.
    Dejo de seguirlos. Adiós.

  13. This is not a Mexico issue only. It's a world wide issue. People are not willing to sacrifice their way of life to even save their own or even their families. People want and keep going out to festivals, parties, clubs, restaurants and a thousand other things……then when it starts getting bad, then they turn to God and prayers. Why don't you take care of yourself and your family, stay the hell home? How about doing that? You don't want to? Then shut the hell up and pay the price.

  14. Western propaganda underestimating Mexico again.
    Mexico is the BESTEST country in history and the UK and US hate that. Hopefully China becomes the true leader of the world so the US and UK cry 😎

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