Microdosing: People who take LSD with breakfast – BBC News


Microdosing is when you take a tiny amount of psychedelic drugs – LSD or magic mushrooms usually – as part of your ordinary day. The drugs are illegal, and there is no medical evidence to say what the benefits or harms of it may be. But a small community of people in the UK are doing it anyway, and say it’s improving their lives. Some say it aids creativity and concentration and others argue it helps with their mental health problems. BBC Reporter Catrin Nye has been meeting the people that do it.

Researched, Produced and Reported by: Catrin Nye
Shot, Directed and Edited by: Benjamin Barfoot.

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Date: June 24, 2020

35 thoughts on “Microdosing: People who take LSD with breakfast – BBC News

  1. The west are stupid and ignorant and lack real knowledge or understanding about it. They would rather prescribe anti depressants to millions of people without even knowing what they actually do and the harmful long term affects they have. It's time to relax these barbaric rules

  2. WHY PEOPLE DOESN’T THINK, What&how this "USEFUL"!!!!!!!😡 thing does with human body….that we (the Addicted) love it as a very useful ambrosia..!!!😡😠😤😤

  3. I think it would be good if all of our foods had some acid like mind enhancing substances in it. But I do believe that those people who are usually negatively inclined should not use it. They are described as unclean people who should not partake in the sacraments in the Bible. Yes, I do believe that the churches sacraments was actually psychedelic. That is why there are psychedelic stained glass etc in church

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  5. life is hard.. the nergy source to get through it is god.. if you dont attempt to search and find him.. nothing will ever help you.. not lsd not drinkinh.. not love not family.. you dont need anything but a connection to god.. and everything else will make sense..

  6. The Dangers are "we don't know what the long term effects might be"

    but lets sprinkle a little hydroxychloroquine in our cereal in the morning to prevent COVID hoping it works…

  7. Ok I'm 18….never done drugs…..so excuse me if I'm being stupid….I'm just curious do we take it like a medicine like a bit of paper like lsd and drink water to let it down ?

  8. if it doesnt hurt you or anyone else it is actually indefinable as a crime, because a crime needs whats called a corpus delicti, (body of crime) as in a victim, an identifiable victim, government is the only reason there are laws about it, but no man should have the right to decide what you do with your own body, just like a trans person should be aloud to forgo any procedure they wish to, to relate closer to theyre true identity, just like a person who wants a tattoo, thats literal skin carving with ink. its the perspective granted from these drugs that allow you to see that we were all born of the earth, thus inherently, it is a part of us, and us of it, what mortal man has the right to control your inheritance? this is our home, our life and we are rightfully entitled to all the earth bears. but our overlords would chose to hide the treasures and real qualities of life. they want your eyes closed, and your mind controlled, just stay in the schedule you have been on since birth and all will be well.

  9. I remember my first time on magic mushrooms I boiled it in. Tea I did a whole 8ths and fuck I felt like my body being pressed by a heavy weight I started seeing wired squares and shit didn’t like it at first then went to the cannabis club smoked weed and I was back to normal lol

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