Mikhail Gorbachev: World in ‘colossal danger’ – BBC News


The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that current tension between Russia and the West is putting the world in “colossal danger” due to the threat from nuclear weapons.

In an interview with the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, former President Gorbachev called for all countries to declare that nuclear weapons should be destroyed.

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Date: October 2, 2021

27 thoughts on “Mikhail Gorbachev: World in ‘colossal danger’ – BBC News

  1. From your big car you threw a cigarette end out of your window when you visited Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland very many decades ago.
    Guess who got it???
    God Bless and Love you eternally – thank you too!

  2. What a wonder that this man is still alive, i don't support communism in any way but this guy is a legend

  3. He's right about nukes,We're a stupid species,And clearly we can't be trusted with such power.

  4. It seems we will never learn whether the warnings come from these rare great politicians or some other off Earth agencies I'm afraid it's going to have to be tabula rasa time for planet Earth

  5. there is no shame in deterrence having a weapon is very different from actually using it – Nuclear Gandi

  6. The Anti-christ loves to instill fear into the hearts of world leaders in order to promote a new weapons' race.

  7. I remeber my dad calling him the antichrist with the mark of satan on his head as proof! Our opinions about him have drastically changed he is by far one of the greatest world leaders in history and a humble down to earth gentleman he has mostly been forgotten yet probably the most historically important person alive today .and one of the few Nobel peace prize recipients that actually earned it! 👏

  8. Reading these comments give me joy…intelligent and informed people still exist…few people understand the love and care shown by Gorbachev…

  9. Mikhail, at your last hour, would you tell a priest who was your boss? Whom did you work for? I doubt it was russian people

  10. I wouldn’t say the arms race is back on Russia is just showing the world not to mess around well America is figuring itself out

  11. I admire this man for having tried to reform communism in Russia and trying to wrestle it away from the homicidal maniacs that have commanded it since before 1918.

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