Moment Diane Abbott blunders over numbers AGAIN – Daily Mail


Diane Abbott has blundered over numbers again, appearing confused in a TV interview today about Labour’s plans to fund the police. Speaking to ITV about rising crime figures in England and Wales, the shadow home secretary attempted to explain Labour’s plan for 10,000 extra officers. But Ms Abbott came unstuck when she tried to outline how Labour would raise the £300 million it says is needed for the policy. Ms Abbott, a close ally of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said Labour would do so by reversing cuts to capital gains tax.

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Date: September 23, 2019

32 thoughts on “Moment Diane Abbott blunders over numbers AGAIN – Daily Mail

  1. Here is a woman who refused to label Al Quida a terrorist organisation. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you vote Labour, this women will be your Home Secretary in charge of keeping your family safe.

    Can you really trust a women who refuses to acknowledge Al Quida as a terrorist organisation with this country’s security ?

  2. This is puzzling.

    I asked her how much 12 Gregg's cream horns, 8 pasties, 4  medium chees and onion slices, and 5 chicken salad torpedoes without mayo but with vinaigrette dressing would be, and she answered correctly between 'vinaigrette' and 'dressing.'

  3. Most people, representing the official opposition and with the title "shadow home secretary" would have their ducks in a row before taking questions about policy from the media.

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