Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world – BBC News


All over the world cities are grappling with apocalyptic air pollution but the small capital of Mongolia is suffering from some of the worst in the world.

And the problem is intrinsically linked to climate change.

The country has already warmed by 2.2 degrees, forcing thousands of people to abandon the countryside and the traditional herding lifestyle every year for the smog-choked city where 90% of children are breathing toxic air every day.

Population Reporter Stephanie Hegarty finds out why.

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Date: August 5, 2019

28 thoughts on “Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world – BBC News

  1. The wealthy monsters of the G.O.P. refute the idea of "climate change" as they are raking in millions on the sales of fossil fuels. Donald Trump is a prime example, and to make matters worse he and his heartless millionaire pals are hoping to control America "by hook or BY CROOK". These men are giving a to the rantings and ravings of an ungodly "demagogue"-one who pretends to be saving America while leading it astray and distracting the people while filling his own pockets with even MORE WEALTH. We never had all these terrorist attacks under Obama–but now "white supremacists" & neo-Nazi segregationists are coming out of the woodwork! TRUMP & CO, have changed the JUDGEMENT to "wormwood" – and if you quote a Bible verse, they'll want to POISON YOU (Amos 6:12, Psalm 82, "they all know 'nothing' "+ Isaiah 29:15-16 "they turn things UPSIDE DOWN" and Isaiah 5:20 –see for yourself, Reverend!).

  2. Earth Is Dying Because Of Us We Need To Stop Burning Trash, Coals And Cutting Down Trees

    To Save the World:
    1.Plant More Trees
    2.Stop Burning Plastic
    3.Dont Throw Plastic And Carbage In The Ocean
    4.Save Water
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    Please Take This Message As a Wish From these Mogolian And Every People Out There In order To Save Our selves we need to Work Together To Stop Killing The World

  3. Khan's curse…

    and a mixed affect of 'bad' industrial structure and the type of climate …

    Northern Chinese and Indian cities suffer this kinda dry-season air pollution as well…

    it could have been less horrifying if the cities are located in areas with more precipitation and more air humidity…
    still, investment on green energy and industrial restructuring are still important…

    at least china and india both have the political willingness and financial means to do so…

  4. Lets use an extreme example of poverty mayhem to squeeze more carbon tax out of the white monsters from over the sea, ah! Is the BBC a one trick pony? Has this theme been repeated a hundred times already? We get it ,less money for the white privileged monsters who are genetically mean and nasty towards puppies, (goes without saying)..

  5. The burning of coal isn't the cause of the air pollution stupid fucks. The main problem is that the people are constantly breaking Yahweh's laws and sinning i.e. homosexuality, fornication, adultery, bestiality, etc and the viruses, germs & bacteria they cause are having a direct impact on the ability of the clouds to form rain and provide nourishment for grasslands, etc. The earth has a way to cleanse the air of impurities but if you break Yahweh's laws in Leviticus 11 and 18, you will have the earth and microbes fighting back and turning on you to the point that you will all die eventually if the nuclear wars don't wipe you out before then.

  6. I like how if you watch a documentary or news report about war from the BBC everyone calls the BBC liers and says don’t believe them. But you look at these comments and everyone agrees with them.

  7. This is one true part of today's world reality which makes us to realise that we should unite and solve this mess and their is another false part of world which talks about being selfish,rich and successful and make us to think money is ultimate solution and most ppl even on YouTube talk about these selfish goals and how to forget about the rest of world in trying to achieve them

  8. I've been observing various dreadful scenarios taking place all over the world and I think there is no long time left for life to disappear on earth and sad part is that it is because of us.

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