Morning Rush anchors react to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle suing Daily Mail


50 thoughts on “Morning Rush anchors react to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle suing Daily Mail

  1. No one believes a fucking word the daily mail prints or any other news outlet for that matter the press are all full of shit and anyone that works for these propaganda spreading vermin, don't deserve human rights and the public should be aloud to run down papz for rewards 👍

  2. She won the case and now we are waiting for that bills. I hope they will pay the maximum after the money they made on lies

  3. She's hate in the UK now as there's so much damaging footage of her and so many story's, I hate her she's disingenuous and people are starting to see that now 🍿

  4. Good for them and they should. Daily mail seems very bitter and have other people doing their dirty work continuing to drag the Sussexes. Some people are very disgusting as well now going after how the Sussexes are making a living. If you don't need money how about all journalist quit your jobs and see how you can make it. Stupid a _ _ holes leave the Sussexes alone.

  5. Diana wasn't wearing a seatbelt and her driver was drunk. Ask a Brit if it was really the paparazzi. If you research at all, you will see there were no paparazzi nearby or in the tunnel.

  6. How cold and ruthless and malicious to reject your own father who raised you and doted on you Markle-your sparkle is gone!!

  7. This is MEDIA megs plan to GET more publicity!!!! Seriously……… SHE knows exactly… what SHE'S doing!…. WHO copy rights a letter then sends copies to FRIENDS to defend HER image?…. VERY well planned MEDIA meg!!!! Very well planned indeed!

  8. First it is not Harry and Megan suing the writ has only Megan's name on it.
    Secondly extracts from the letter were printed in an American magazine in Febuary 2019 and it was given by one of Megan's friends so the 'privacy' issue is invalid.
    Secondly she has lied and tried to con all the way along. She may have been an actress in some cable tv show but no matter her acting is just not good enough to fool people. And as for Harry invoking his mother's name and comparing them – shame on him.
    Diana Princess of Wales was a global star and beloved the world over – Megan is like a dim light bulb compared to Diana.
    And as for being a 'breath of fresh air' more like a stale odour – too old and been around too long.
    She thought she could buck the rules of our Royal family and that she cannot do.
    It is nothing to do with her being an American or her mixed race status – more to do with the kind of person she is.
    Stop using her being an American and of mixed race as the reason the people do not like her.
    She is being tripped up by her own craftiness and will fall down badly.

  9. People should be judged on their actions, are this couple being judged in this way? They are not high on the succession ladder..Are they treating the monarchy

  10. How can you compare her with Diana? Letter was not changed and given by owner-so what is the problem? She has naked photos out there and will show up so— yes they want to shut up the press before hand—

  11. Just a thought, since Meghan’s dad handed the letter over to the press, should he therefore not also face legal consequences, at least in part? Is there really a copyright attached to any letter, actually anything we write? Since Meghan sent the letter to her dad, does the letter and all its “rights” not go over into his possession?

  12. Take them down Harry, disgusting bunch of lying trash bin kicking so-called British Journo's. And thank you for not having on one of those so self-named royal experts on here today, they are lying their heads off to save their butts! US morning shows are interviewing the bottom of the barrel without taking the time to be sure they are not causing more problems by giving a platform to the root of the evil.

  13. It's about time these stupid papers mind their business or print the truth. They should print the truth about under aged girls with grown men not lies about the Duchess


  15. All Drama ….
    They are outcasts for the RF's and trying to get money from various sources!
    MM's puppet master PH is the puppet. What a drama .Pity

  16. If you look up the word, “Sycophants” in he dictionary, you see images of thee idiots defending those two clowns!

  17. They are NOT celebs…celebs earn a living! If the original letter is not marked, ‘copyrighted’, it’s not! Shame on Harry for comparing this to Diana…does he not recall that it was a suspicious accident that killed his mother, not the paparazzi! If they don’t like the scrutiny and criticism, denounce the title and live as private citizens.

  18. Please, stop defending these two self centred idiots!!! What Messy did in South Africa was a joke. By the way, she insulted my intelligence… I’m South African and the way she portrayed South African women, was so far from the truth.. We are proud, strong and courageous!!! We are also passionate about our country.. She made me feel like we were hopeless and ignorant!!!

  19. It’s obvious who the drama queen really is. Problems with her own family before marrying into the BRF. The drama continues, obvious who the drama queen is. Also celebrities is a word we need to loose. No longer want to hear from either of them. Suffering? You say. These people have no idea what suffering is.

  20. That has been drummed into his head. If shes not getting positive press maybe its because of her. She started this marriage with secrets and lies and people know. The poor british tax payers are footing the bill for their life style. Alot of them can barely make ends meet. She has come between him and his family And thats sad for the two brothers. If hes so upset about the press and his mom how does he think about her having a broken heart for the way hes acti g with William. Hes changed just like meghan planned. She knew she had to divide him from his family so she could control him. My opinion and youall are entitled to your. But things will be very clear in the near future. Just hang on!

  21. It really seems to me that it is an intense personal vendetta that the British Press has against Meghan Markle because she and Prince Harry are doing things differently than their counterparts…The British public wants to hold on to tradition and they blame this new American free thinking liberal Meghan for opening Prince Harry's mind to new ideas…It's a WAR of the WORLDS and I hope they can make PEACE…

  22. The British tabloids are ceryanly guilty of horrendous bullyimg and harrassment of Meghan but let's not forget that the main culprit here is Thomas Markle – a low life if ever there was one. First he cashed in on his daughter's new royal status by accepting thousands of pounds to give interviees despute her pleas not to talk to the media. Not only did he ignore her which is already wierd and hurtgul but he then spoke to UK tv divulging very personal details of telephone conversations he had with Harry and Meghan before and after the wedding. Later he started abusing his daughter and her new family in further interviews by saying the Royal family was like a cult! All deeply offensive to the Queen. Exposing Meghan's private letter was the last straw. What kind of father consistently betrays the trust of his daughter? He has no.principles – let alone any feeling for his daughter. Sadly there are situations like this that are simply beyond repair. Eerily Princess Diana was bitterly extranged from.her mother Frances, who among other charming insults called Diana a "prostitute" for having a pakistani boyfriend ( Dr Hasnat khan) after her divorce from Charles. Diana never forgave her mother and unless mr. Markle does a radical rethink and show remorse then history will indeed repeat itself. What a stupid man.

  23. If Meghan Markle does not want publicity etc…then she should not court it. Meghan has made many mistakes and she seems to want the status but not the responsibility. Kate does not have these issues, so why do Meg and Harry? Perhaps they need to look at their own behavior and aske themselves are they inviting criticism? Princess Diana caused a lot of her own issues and instead of having stars in your eyes…check out the facts..

  24. Aw puuurrrrlllleeeezzzz !!! You Americans are easily fooled by a z list nobody 2 bit actress who no one had heard of until marrying harry . They are the 2 biggest hypocrites walking . Preaching save the planet but jet setting all over europe . Diva demands . Many staff quoting on them coz of bad treatment from meghan . Breaking every protocol going in the RF . She even told the consul's wife to go and eff herself coz she wouldn't give up her own home. Throwing hot tea over an aide . And these things are facts not fiction or made up . Coz a person that was at Admiralty house saw her doing so . The list goes on . Refusing the Queen's invite to Balmoral coz she said archie was to young . But a week previously he jetted all over with his parents. C'mon folks the only barrage they've had is legitimate criticisms which of course they don't like and are trying to turn the tables . She sent that letter knowing what her dad would do. But it kind of backfired. He sat on the letter for a few months and it was only when these 5 so called anonymous friends came out and layed into him in ur own People's mag that he felt compelled to come out and defend himself which he has every right to do . Yes he's made a couple of mistakes but he's more than apologized for this and he has been hung out to dry . He gave the MoS the letter to give his side of story which none of u are willing to listen to . But yet ur quick to condemn him and not meg. Shameful the lot of you . She's ghosted everything and everyone that no longer has any use to her . And that's came from multiple sources including some Americans. So stop vilifying Thomas and use ur so called brains to think properly about the situation , instead of being taken in by HER lies . Harry has not even had the decency to meet the man . And Samantha was right . She is a social climber. She manipulates the pr all the time . Is she any different from her own father . Also lying on stage in Fiji saying she paid for her own education by way of scholarships and paid jobs. Thomas paid for her education and made himself bankrupt in the process. So think plz .

  25. Oh please! This report is pathetic! Royals and celebrities, look those words up in the dictionary and educate yourselves before going on air and showing off your ignorance.

  26. im sick of funding these folk, and hearing about them, let andrew sue the press as well, get em all in court, even grandad for crap driving, a bunch of free loaders, not everyone like them, and megan

  27. Harry is useless. The media has done nothing wrong. The Mattress Actress has created all of this. Whats going on with the charges being leveled in America about Andrew and having sex with children? Smells like a red herring to me . Harry drags out his mother like she has anything to do with Megan…JOKE

  28. no one knows all of the reasons harry picked this time to sue the paper except him. it will all come out soon enough.

  29. Cringe&Ginge did that to take away from Duchess Kate&Prince William!! Cringe is just sickening, lying, phony vile snake of a woman! Most people could care less about her, that letter was given to media by her dad! Those two clowns need to go away for good! Shes not suffering she loves any attention! This show sucks!

  30. the paps followed diana because we all loved her, they follow rachel markle because she herself has been instrumental in making people disgusted and hating on her, and you people are just sycophants because you are too scared to tell the truth

  31. A boycott similar to the one done by the people of Liverpool for the Hillsborough disaster would straighten them out. No copies of the Sun were purchased for years from anyone in that city. Such is the power of solidarity.

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