MOTDx team pick their Premier League Team of the Decade 2010-2019


Jermaine Jenas, Chelcee Grimes, Craig Mitch and Reece Parkinson pick their MOTDx Premier League Team of the Decade, made up of the stand-out stars in England’s top flight from 2010-2019.

Who did they miss?

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MOTDx pick their Premier League Team of the Decade 2010-2019


Date: October 14, 2020

48 thoughts on “MOTDx team pick their Premier League Team of the Decade 2010-2019

  1. Suarez should’ve been in there. We’ve never seen better from a striker than him yes it was short but no striker in the prem has ever had a better seaosn team what he did

  2. Hazard is a super standard choice, he's pretty much the first player on the team sheet. Sterling is a player who benefits from a lucrative system

  3. They are letting a scouser throw a tantrum because liverpool players aren't being included in the team of the decade. Livepool literally had 2 good seasons in the decade. Shocking decision making. They are allowing themselves to be bullied into decisions. Gerrard was world class, but he played 5 years in that decade, and he won literally nothing in that period. Lost his team a title and had 1 good year. Awful decisions

  4. De Gea
    Kyle Walker
    David Silva

    This team is a no brainer, only dispute would be the GK. Gerrard and Van Dijk being there is a joke.

  5. De gea
    De bruyne
    4-3-1-2 formation
    You can't tell me I'm wrong 🔥

  6. Not all about stats it is about performances
    Even looking at stats Hazard more assists and goals and more consistent performances yet not in the team

  7. Gerrard my favourite player cause I die hard Liverpool fan
    But in those five seasons he was good for two no joke
    Kante in same time had one better season actually he had two unreal seasons won PFA Player of the Year
    Van Dijk shouldn’t be in the team
    Hazard was far more consistent than Sterling and carried a team

  8. If we EPL supporters are considering Sterling as the best winger of the last decade. Then we must stop watching football and die asap. Now think about the wingers of La Liga, Seria A , Ligue 1. Such statements lead people to racism (to those 2 spurs players)

  9. Report this video. Who the f*ck put them there ? Unbelievable! One of the most biased shit I've ever seen . Ex-english players preferring English players when in the world these people will stop favouring their men ?! Sterling over Hazard ?! Gerard over Kante ? No Ivanovic? Silva? Toure? If Gerrard then why not Lampard? PETR CECHHH???

  10. What the f*** these guys are on? No comparison b/w Hazard and Sterling . Sterling is nothing compare to Hazard. They should have put Kante , Epl winner with Leicester, WC winner , PFA player of the year etc. Gerard?? What the fk he has done mate??

  11. People argue about ‘HoW wAs GeRrArD iN?’ But are you ignoring the fact they wanter to choose Danny Rose and Walker lmao😂 btw the true midfield from 2010-present: Milner Milner Milner

  12. Gerrard my favourite player but no he shouldn't even be in the debate.
    Had a good 12-13 and great 13-14 that is it.
    Kante has been consistent for Leicester and has become a better player at Chelsea but isn't their.
    Hazard needs to be their.
    Much more consistent than Sterling also carried Chelsea to trophies

  13. Why wasn't Wayne Rooney in this discussion? 128 goals in the PL this decade, 56 assists, 2 titles, scored 30+ in two seasons, remade himself as a midfielder? Disgraceful overlook and probably the worst panel I've ever seen on MOTD.

  14. Here's mine with 4-3-3
    GK: De Gea
    LB: Ashley Cole
    CB:Van Dijk
    De Bruyne
    Front three:

    Disagree with me if you want but actually put a reason if you want to actually convince me of someone different

  15. Lack of goals assit hazard was that good harry kane over hazard right wing what raheem nah should have been any one else

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