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  1. Ok, so here's another reading of the story:

    The front runner is the donkey – he have no clear vision of his task nor on the direction he needs to take. He's just doing menial tasks and grunt work and needs to be monitored and supervised.

    The second dude is his the donkey supervisor and just make sure to feed the donkey carrots and picks up his poop and sometimes gives him a well deserved beating cause the donkey is stubborn and stupid, not to mention a poop machine that needs to be looked after.

    The third person, sitting in the cart is the manager. He have a clear vision of the road and can give instructions on the direction to take, also occasionally helping in steering the team in the right direction by nudging with his arm on the wheel as shown on the video, to re-orient the course of the team. Also looking at various elements, like the butterfly, he's able to predict problems coming or forecast weather, keeping the team safe from weather damage and possible defects in the road.

    The third person going up and down with the wheel is the mechanic, solely focused on the good operation of the convoy, ready to fix a failure if a problem might arise. Also, as a direct assistant of the manager, he helps him by monitoring guy #2 who don't know much aside carrots, poop and donkeys.

    Lastly, the guy holding at the end is the CEO. Seemingly slowing down the convoy, he is indeed the ultimate safety net of the team, making sure they're not all running like headless chickens on the road, putting everybody at risk. He is not very popular, cause donkeys like just running without thinking, and have to scold ineffective people time to time. He is utmost important cause he knows the value of the carried load and the deadline to arrival. He can push or pull to slow down the convoy, managing integrity of the goods, and their safe on-time delivery. He is the most important person of the team.

    As for the other cart that run without any sort of clever and structured supervision, being only a team of donkeys, they failed to see that the road was turning and they crashed & burned. They're all dead and failed the mission that was given to them.

    Moral of the story: everything is rhetoric and can be interpreted in any way. But the most dumb is the donkey, cause he thinks candidly that he is the most important link in the chain, fooled by his twisted self centered deluded self esteem, thinking that grunt work makes it all. He is very disposable and can be replaced by any donkey. Cause a pair of legs without a brain is no use whatsoever. He is living in a dream world and feels superior to the others, like cats who thinks that human are their pets cause they bring them free food all the time. Donkey is a dreamer and a fool.

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