'Mourinho's Spurs worry me' | Match of the Day | BBC Sport


Match of the Day 2 pundit Jermaine Jenas says Tottenham’s performances under manager Jose Mourinho “worry” him, while Ian Wright believes young Spurs striker Troy Parrott deserves a chance to play.


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‘Mourinho’s Spurs worry me’ | Match of the Day | BBC Sport


Date: May 10, 2020

16 thoughts on “'Mourinho's Spurs worry me' | Match of the Day | BBC Sport

  1. As an Irish United fan I'm worried that he will poison a section of the Spurs fanbase agaisnt Troy Parrott before he even gets going. Saw it happen with Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial at United and it's still being felt today a year after he's gone. The man needs to stop using players careers as fodder for his own power games with clubs board's and supporters.

  2. Mourinho saying that Dier played well ? What a fucking joke….He is just telling lies to justify his stupid decisions. We only had 2 good results against strong opposition since he arrived in November, Wolves away and City at home, and we were very very lucky… It's the same situation as at Man U, where he brought chaos and boring football despite the big money spent over there…

  3. If the BBC is going to use my TV license money to pay ex-footballers to pass judgment on managers they should at least hire ex-managers or players with a record of winning. In his whole career Jermaine Jenas won 1 Carling Cup. Mourinho spent 2-3 months as a pundit with Sky and wiped the floor with that imbecile

  4. Oh look, more pundits who've never won jack shit as a manager slating Mourinho again. Meanwhile Solksjaer whos been in the United job for longer and is about to preside over their worst season in 30 years gets the benefit of the doubt and that all he needs is time to bring in his own players. Something fishy going on with these pundits. Im starting to think Mourinho has slept with all their wives or something. Absolutely shameful

  5. Who is Jermaine jenas?.. how how titles has he won, how many big clubs ?
    He was average at best, a typical average midfielder.
    Cant the bbc afford some actual decent legends of the game rather then low budget players

  6. Give Jose time to make the squad how he wants it to be.. I am a Liverpool fan but I don't wanna see all the Jose Mourinho hate, give him time, if it doesn't work then you can try another manager.

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