Mugabe 'let wife usurp power' – BBC News


Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party is set to begin impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday.
The announcement came after a Monday deadline for his resignation passed.
Party member Paul Mangawana said the process could take as little as two days to complete, and President Mugabe could be removed by Wednesday.
He said the president had “allowed his wife to usurp constitutional power when she has no right to run government”.
Grace Mugabe was seen as a potential successor to the ageing president before the military intervention last week.
Zimbabwe’s constitution allows for impeachment on grounds of “serious misconduct”, “violation” of the constitution or “failure to obey, uphold or defend” it, or “incapacity”.

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Date: November 11, 2019

37 thoughts on “Mugabe 'let wife usurp power' – BBC News

  1. the disGRACEfull down fall. Robert, should have kept that bytch in check.

    she was on some, " let them eat cake" shyt. I'm surprised they didn't cut her and Robert head off, .. I'll Give whites credit, on that, they will only accept so much, before it get medieval on yah ass.

    Zimbabwe, like most black political factions are way monolithic almost to an extreme.

  2. I've dwelt among the Zimbabweans. Their entire culture is built around their penises. It's funny to say they are small, it's funny to say they are big. I've been at parties where Zimbabweans have held bottles, pencils and thermoses in front of themselves and called out, 'Hey, look at me! I'm Mr. So-And-So Dick! I've got such-and-such for a penis!' I never saw it fail to get a laugh.

  3. Mugabe has the goods on everyone : the Judge is corrupt , the accusers are corrupt and Mugabe has all the details. Everyone is tainted and nobody wants it to come out. The Impeachment will have to be held in Camera.

  4. Still there!commented by vile collaborators of the purest evil.Unfunny a grotesque invasion of privacy.A torturer who tortures for years and years.Britains very own Mugabe thinks he can walk into lives and by force and no consent and weapons of sound,use a human like a play thing.He is a grotesque human rights criminal the worse kind of human.A torturer,a torturer and he won't get away with it.

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  6. Like when people describe food as naughty, you ever think its just a hangover from childhood? Or that your impression that alcohol is cool is misplaced rebellion from underage drinking? Like the only thing I ever got in trouble for was making any noise at all or if I moved anything

  7. It is a case of the corrupt over throwing the corrupt!

    That whole country is run by corrupt parties, politicians and military personnel.

    You can see it in this man's eyes! They have committed a coup but are afraid to admit it lest they incur international repercussions.

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