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Once a Viking heartland, today the Swedish capital is one of Europe’s most sophisticated cities.


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  1. lmaoo first you show the rising immigrant population as a multicultural paradise of old men selling flowers at the market place and then go on to mention the rising violent crime stats like an unrelated issue?? go back to iran pls

  2. Why should we be so proud of being diverse? Why would we want the whole world in one city? I love being able to go to different countries and experience other cultures, but not in my own town. That's one of the reasons why you visit other countries, right?

  3. Sweden: One Dead, One Injured After Hand Grenade Explosion at Stockholm Metro
    by Jack Montgomery 7 Jan 2018

    One man has died and a woman has been injured after an explosion at the Varby Gard subway station in Stockholm, Sweden.

    An object now believed to be a hand grenade blew up after a 60-year-old man picked it up from the ground, leaving him fatally injured. A 45-year-old woman has also been taken to hospital with injuries, according to reports.

    A bomb squad is now on the scene, combing the station for additional explosives.

    Swedish media is reporting at least two people have been injured after an explosion at the Varby Gard subway station in Stockholm

    — Sky News Newsdesk (@SkyNewsBreak) January 7, 2018

    “According to information, the injured man picked up an object from the ground,” confirmed a police spokesman.

    “This had then exploded and hurt the man seriously. He has been taken to hospital.”

    These comments were made before the man’s death in hospital.

    The background to the incident is not yet clear: “Someone has used explosives. We do not know more than that,” remarked fire department spokesman Lars-Ake Stevelind.

    A report in 2017 showed that Sweden has come to rival crime-ridden Mexico for grenade attacks since the onset of the migrant crisis, with the problem growing so acute that a hand grenade amnesty has been proposed.

    This story is developing…
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  4. the video title is just misleading and making people hate this video unnecesasarily. People honestly expect you to introduce classic swedish culture. Like "we swedes like to Fika everyday" blablabla. Sure, immigration is a huge topic in Sweden now but dude… whats the point of the video?

  5. What I don't get is why bring in immigrants if you're (according to comments below) going to scrutinize them?! Just don't let then in period. Problem solved. Either that…or embrace multiculturalism.


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