Nagorno – Karabakh conflict: BBC visits Azerbaijan's frontline – BBC News


Reports suggest that fighting is continuing near the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The territory, which sits within the legally-recognised borders of Azerbaijan, is controlled by forces backed by neighbouring Armenia.
Armenia says it is not directly involved in a conflict, but that is rejected by Azerbaijan.
The past month has seen the worst violence there since the mid-1990s. The BBC’s Tom Burridge travelled to the region of Agdam in western Azerbaijan.

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Date: July 13, 2020

42 thoughts on “Nagorno – Karabakh conflict: BBC visits Azerbaijan's frontline – BBC News

  1. As an Israeli I support both, i love both Armenians and Azerbaijanis. I am ethnically soviet and my parents lived alongside both people, I love all of them, I would wish for no more fighting.


    Erməni tarixinin atası sayılan MOVSES XORENASİ hələ 5-ci əsrdə öz qəbilədaşları haqqında deyirdi: "Mən xalqımızın daşürəkliliyini və yekəxanalığını göstərmək istəyirəm. Ermənilər həqiqəti inkar etməyi xoşlayırlar. Onlar böyük-böyük danışmağı sevən, ikiüzlü millətdir.ARMENIANS ABOUT THEMSELVES MOVSES CHORENASI, considered the father of Armenian history, said about his tribesmen in the 5th century: "I want to show the ruthlessness and solitude of our people. Armenians like to deny the truth. They are a hypocritical nation that loves to talk big."

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  5. BBC always report one-sided, they spread communist propoganda and played a Muslim victim card. Same kind of reporting they're doing for kashmir too. They take interviews of most wanted terrorists like Hafeez Sayeed and called them freedom fighter. This news channel itself a terrorist organisation

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  7. more and more states in the usa do recognize it as a separate country including California, Massachusetts, Michigan and so on. so its a matter of time! In fact the Aliev clan doesnt even want to get it back. why should he? its his joker card. in the very bad hour he can start an operation in the west to take the attention of the people from the problems that country has. 95% export of azerba is oil and gaz, of which 82% just crude oil and nothing more))))))))

  8. I read comments and i see, there are so many brainwashed armenians, so many idiots who dont know anything about real history. Karabagh is a historical azerbaijani land. There isn't any cultural legacy of armenia in karabagh. Your government, diasporas filled your brains pure lies, fake facts. Go read real history. Armenians never lived karabagh without very few armenian villages before Gulustan and Turkmenchay contracts.

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