Nancy Pelosi says she had a 'good' meeting with Ocasio-Cortez


Nancy Pelosi denied on Friday there was any hatchet to bury with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the two met face-to-face, talking one-on-one for the first time in months.  Pelosi down played any reports of tension, saying the two women don’t have ‘that many differences,’ as the New York congresswoman slipped out of the speaker’s office and avoided reporters.  ‘I don’t think we have that many differences,’ Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill afterward. 

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Date: August 4, 2019

5 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi says she had a 'good' meeting with Ocasio-Cortez

  1. Is she Drunk? sure looks it, or maybe it's something else like drugged up maybe? them meds can be strong you know, definitely, she's not fit to hold that office.

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