National Geographic 100 Years Vol 047 King Cobra


25 thoughts on “National Geographic 100 Years Vol 047 King Cobra

  1. True encounter story:

    Last month, I was walking in our rubber plantation with a worker when a King Cobra, locally known as Banakon, suddenly stood up as high as a stand fan (about 1m tall)!

    It was probably 2-3 metres away from me and my companion (we were walking along a cleared path). It blended so well with the foliage that the worker up front didn't notice it, I only saw it because it stood up so suddenly.

    I recognized it as a king cobra because of its "ears", colouration and size and immediately froze and called out "look! A snake!"

    Worker: "what?"

    Me: "that one! It's a king cobra"

    The worker turned around to look at where I was pointing and the moment he saw it he shouted "RUN!!"

    I froze where I was and observed the snake but about 20m out the worker called out "RUN!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!". At this point the cobra started to move and ducked and holy crap I tell you that's when I ran like heck back to the hut.

    Back at the hut, some workers were drinking and cooking fish from the river, and when I told them about it, they all immediately stood up and got some long sticks and their sundangs to hunt it and add it to their pot! They didn't find it though; and everyone was a little bit on edge about walking through the grasses after that.

    Just want to thank the Lord JESUS for keeping me safe through that, because a King Cobra's bite kills in 15-30 minutes, and antivenom is rare.

    Did we do the right thing running away like that? Or should we just have stood still and didn't move (to prevent startling the snake?)

    It was big, and from the size of it, it was already a full fledged adult.

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