National Geographic: Big,Bigger,Biggest:Dam S02E08


29 thoughts on “National Geographic: Big,Bigger,Biggest:Dam S02E08

  1. 21:00 good example from Turkey, Dam of Melen which was constructed to supply tap water to Istanbul. but This dam was cracked. there are big cracks and human-hand easly can enter in. and it is now out of use. rubbish,..
    maybe the the reason fo this crack was over heating

  2. Man the Chinese are certainly good at engineering stuff aren't they? Including this fucking virus that's killing people left and right. Pieces of shit fucking engineered it in a fucking lab and now it's out. So somebody needs to do something about these pieces of crap. The Chinese communist government is fucking evil and they could care less as long as they don't die. They don't even care about their own people because communism.

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