National Geographic: Big,Bigger,Biggest:Dam S02E08


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  1. 46:16 Not True.

    The Three Gorges Dam has the highest capacity yes but power generation is based on more than the just the generation capacity of a dam. Over the course of a year the Itaipu Dam still produces more power than the Three Gorges since it's generators are being utilized at a higher capacity;

  2. 20GW!!
    And all it took was the flooding of 100,000's of people's homes and farms with no compensation for the people's lives it took. It also took many lives building the dam.
    Fuck communism! 😠

    People need to start to build cutting edge nuclear power plants and let ALL of the decisions being made by the scientists and NOT by money grabbing penny pinching billion £ companies. They need to start to put a load of money into fusion. Which we'll be able to dump all our use radioactive material into it to use it as fuel and as the same time it'll stop it being radioactive due to the heat.
    I think it has to be well over 4,000oC before it stops becoming radioactive but don't hold me on that.

  3. Before making your own judgment on pros/cons about Three Gorges Dam, is still held the world record for the biggest man-made structure at this moment.
    Whether such engineering works to be considered as "to divert natural resources for the benefit of mankind" shall leave history to tell.
    From engineering prospective, it shall give credit to all chinese engineers and workers for building the biggest dam in the world from his own resources without any foreign help (i.e. design & construction and financing)

  4. If Canada built a Three Gorges Dam here we would have power for every single citizen and for the next hundred years of growth. But instead puppet Trudeau would rather give our money and futures to muslims and third world immigrants who come here for free welfare while we lose our jobs and homes!

  5. It takes 29 years to plan and to talk(only) to build a subway system in Toronto, Thornhill area. And those MF politicians are still talking about it in 2019. The subway system is nowhere to be found. People only hear thunders but no fucking rain. This is Cana…………….da!

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