National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – David Attenborough And The Giant Elephant [HD]


National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – David Attenborough And The Giant Elephant [HD]
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Date: May 27, 2020

50 thoughts on “National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – David Attenborough And The Giant Elephant [HD]

  1. Those history books ledgers or diaries no I ain't gonna believe shits from people whose true intentions were only making money.
    Ain't going to trust what has man made/written or kept as histories entirely.

  2. Africa is so blessed more than any other continent… it was wrong for the whites to take him to their place m place him in captivity….BRING BACK HIS BONES N LET THEM BE KEPT AT A MUSEUM WHERE HE WAS TAKEN FROM!!!!! Y'all taking credit for nothing…. heartless people… that's why you guys even show your rage on human Kind (blacks) !!!!!!!

  3. Circuses were known for animal abuse. His behavior is indicative of that as well. We now know how incredibly intelligent and gentle elephants can be.

  4. I am not "SHOCKED' at what happened to that young beautiful 🐘 Elephant…..look who was so called taking care of him by giving him alcohol and donuts for a diet…. "REALLY THROUGH'…no wonder he died at age 24 years old. Hmmmm….!!!! So sad.

  5. Fark heard! Historically fark heads! Used jumbo like a slave dog! Not puzzling! They all killed him! Nothing changed today! Elephants used heinously in wider countries!

  6. What is deceptive is , he’s talking about local people who are responsible for elephant cruelty, but he not emphasizing the need for Europeans to see jumbo, which profiteers would have done anything to accomplish that, even today they blame local people for the extinction of endangered species. But we don’t talk about the demand for the ivory ornament which is a western symbolism for wealth and social status. African people have always live side by side with elephants. No problem. Until there was a demand for elephants outside Africa. Same with rhinos. African people had less use of big mammals before the advent of colonialism. Take a pause, and think about it.

  7. Actually, this story is a love story. A man who could bear no other people. For whatever reason, Scott had no friends and no family. And an animal that was subjected to circumstances entirely alien to its natural history. Scott did not, and could not, have known anything about how to properly care for Jumbo. But he did his best. And Jumbo, the forensics show, suffered painfully, but never attacked anybody, even though his lack of vigorous health, his probable understanding of the denial of his freedom, and his subjection to obviously cruel hardship, and he patiently yielded. He got destructive at night, but never hurt a kid. Why? I can't help but think it was because he trusted Scott, because Scott gave to Jumbo what he was, for whatever reason, incapable of giving and taking from other people. This is a sad sad story. Scott had no idea what the fuck he was doing, but it is pretty obvious that he loved his elephantine friend. Jumbo was only 24 when he died, not even close to being an adult bull, but I think the thing I would most like to have enjoyed would have been their drinking bouts together. Jumbo enjoyed his tipples, and who can doubt it would be fun to see a jovial elephant in his cups! Hai! Slainte, Jumbo!

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