Part of the Guardians of Nature series from National Geographic. A series about people who help to preserve natural habitats.



  1. That law should be change in Poland weed can be use for so much then getting high. The UN and EU force them laws on any country who gets money from UN EU because of trade. If you change the laws them will fine you as a country for not inforcing there B.S. on the people.

  2. Dr. Karol Rotnicki – 30% of what he told the viewers was deliberately skipped in translation ; the Stork Guy (Cristoff) – pretty well but not in full ; the "ecologist" – 100% careful and adequate translation ; the Bison Guy (Jerzy) – very good, almost perfect ; the Entomologist (another Cristoff) – full translation with care ; the Cormoran Guy (Simon) – accurate.

    All original first names and last names, except for the Bison Guy, were utterly butchered.
    Overall, a way-beyond-the-average performance on behalf of NatGeo. Thumbs up.

  3. Poles are smart ones; their love for Poland are not only for people, traditions, freedom but also for their soil and nature of their land. Thats all are mixed together. Amazing place.

  4. Ppl in Poland are so aware of the value of they nature , among others the storks, that they make easier for the storks to build the nests e.g. on roofs or simply giving wooden wheels on poles. There are som real-time cameras in Poland when ppl who love nature, storks can observe. They just returned exactly on their spot (how they remember?) Camera live:

    or other:

  5. we say the birds invade out territories for fishing but who has always invaded living against what they have been supposed to eat if we all as humans stopped eating what we were never meant to eat because we are doing it using weapons to kill the food not using the tools we were born with when we stop eating what is not human eating killed food killed with fishing nets guns and knives when we finally understand that this is not what we are meant to be and do and eat then our world will find harmony and we will live in harmony with ourselves and the world as well

  6. we can never be guardians of nature before we stop killing our food as long as we eat meat we are never going to be guardians because we are destroying nature

  7. Was in Poland . Wondeful place. Main feature is high european quality of service with low price fe in London u would pay 6 time more. Lovely girls i liked Krakow a lot . Cheers

  8. And let's think that Poland which so much takes care about nature has been attacked by EU timmmermanses, junkerses and others, trying to ban Poland to cut some sick trees due to the bark beetle attack on a small part of the forest! BTW: Ultimately the treas are Polish! Poland also saved last 2 bizons in 1926 and reproduced them exactly in the same forest (Puszcza Białowieska) so now whole Europe thanks to Poland has over 5000 bisons!!! Not saying about wolves. What a hypocrisy and antipolonism, hateress… POLEXIT

  9. Dlaczego Lasy Państwowe organizują polowania na żubry? Przecież to zwierzęta chronione!
    Apel o objęcie polskich żubrów lepszą ochroną, jaki 2 stycznia 2017 wystosowała do premier Szydło organizacja Greenpeace, w ciągu zaledwie jednej doby zebrał ponad 20 tys. podpisów. Polacy protestują w ten sposób przeciwko zamiarowi odstrzelenia co 10. zwierzęcia spośród 110 żubrów żyjących w Puszczy Boreckiej na Mazurach i bliżej nieznanej liczby tych zwierząt w Puszczy Knyszyńskiej (gdzie żubrów jest około 130). Czas wreszcie z tym skończyć.


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