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  1. Line 2 has started construction and those young Malaysian engineers now can prove themselves, The number of expat mechanical, electrical and tunnelling engineers has been drastically cut, as a cost saving decision from above.
    I have spent most of my life working around the world on Great tunnelling projects, in each case have tried to teach the locals the art of tunnelling. Luckily for me I spent time working on SMART and this project, so I wish all my Malaysian friends good luck and be safe on Line 2.

  2. These sink holes we witness all over the place may be related to the underground drilling that is happening everywhere. This is not new. Check the lectures of Phil Schneider , a geologist who worked for secret programs , out of area 51 , exposing their drilling for many underground bases, several decades ago. It is worth investigating. Mind blowing, really. Poor Phil is now dead but we know he was there and talking.

  3. Profesional d malaysia lebih ramai dr bangsa lain d malaysia sb tu tertangga jealous dan cakap orang malaysia malas, sbenar nya jika ada diploma, ijazah, master dan phd nk kerja sabit sawit serta bancuh simen…sbenarnya mereka yg malas iaitu malas blajar sampai masuk Universiti kadang2 umur baru 15 tahun dh dtg bkerja d sini.

  4. Outrageous. Humans (some) are morons. There is 0 (zero) need to build tunnels anywhere … I've lived in Los Angeles and Honolulu – where, because of high seismic activity – tunneling and digging are not an option. The dangers – potential and actual – are simply TOO high. No matter how "dense" the population is – people can be forced to move to make way for trains, and aquafers. PLUS, the maintenance on a tunnel is outrageously expensive – vs. an above ground/at ground system. This is what happen where there is no leadership. Engineers will "do anything" just because they "can" (I'm an engineer). That does not mean that is it "practical." The dangers to the workers – lung disease, accidents, deaths, fires is ultra-high. This kind of project ONLY looks good in documentaries, and to "children" or "imbeciles" that "have no skin in the game."

  5. Congratulations GALORE!!! As someone who has been in and out of Malaysia for the past decade (absent the several most recent years), I am thrilled to see this video on the new MRT system that will embrace the entire metropolitan area. As is your usual custom, you collectively have done an AMAZING job of meeting and solving all the many complex technical challenges that this project has thrown your way. I CAN BARELY WAIT TO GET BACK OVER THERE TO PERSONALLY EXPERIENCE THE NEW MRT. Such a beautiful country, with such warm and friendly people! I loved every minute of the times that I have visited. Cheers!

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