National Geographic:INSIDE Air Traffic Control (India)


22 thoughts on “National Geographic:INSIDE Air Traffic Control (India)

  1. Wrong Info- Missed Approach is not when an ATC instructs to do a go around. Its when an aircraft pilot has to pull up at very last minutes of approaching a runaway. Reasons: Fears overshooting the runway, not aligned properly with the runway, weather conditions such as a wind sheer.

  2. Dear one's , I want to become a air traffic controller ,can anyone please guide me how to become ,?? What are the best way to get that… related course's..and all..I hope someone one Wii get back to me…

  3. A very informative video for the World and those desiring to become Air traffic controllers in the future.

    Please give these men and women a big handshake and thank you when you meet them.

    Prayers and thoughts from Fannie an ex- air traffic controller from the beautiful Islands of Fiji.

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