Nepal has highest Covid transmission rate in world – BBC News


Nepal managed to escape the first Covid wave without any serious damage.

But the second coronavirus wave has been devastating. Daily infections hovered at around 150 at the beginning of April but in a month the figure has passed 9,000. More than 4,000 people have died.

Nepali health officials say the current daily positivity rate is nearly 50%, meaning that one in two people are testing positive for Covid.

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Date: September 27, 2021

50 thoughts on “Nepal has highest Covid transmission rate in world – BBC News

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  2. Pls. Pray the rosary to combat war, calamities,famine, disease,corruption, ,prostitution, drugs, abortion, divorce, materialism,vices,climate change.pls pray for peace, love and joy on all families and home…

  3. People do not want to go hospital because hospital is doing a business in the Name of corona. We poor people can not pay and afford the charge of Private hospital and government is sleeping now. Terrible condition is occurring in Nepal.

  4. With higher transmissible cases of Delta variant growing in Canada and those with two doses of vaccine still contracting @/covid-19, some medical experts question the vaccine efficacy. Henna Saeed talks to Dr. Gasperowicz and Prof. Francois Balloux.

  5. Please do ask him what he want? He thought throwing couple words such as disaster , humanitarian , pandemic .how could keep self-isolation become breeding he joking with BBC news or what……what types of maniac he is..please we know people by name in our county it's too small….so how on earth, this reports come out about number. How please ask him dead rate different then in the record. God bless England…

  6. BBC really need to replace this kind of people whom never been out of house and been reporting what ever they like…you need to contact the spoke person of any district or province people or even country one.
    Please don't relies this people who don't have knowledge about anything if you want actually people dead by covid -19. Government dead figure are crystal clear not single doubt in it. Where the fu…. This guys getting number…now we really believe on earth this kind of reports and reporter..Hey you people are BBC not a bug hunting media….so please respect your dignity of news and source….God bless England..

  7. I'm from Nepal and I'm saying that Nepal government is always expecting help from other countries 🙄if government try to do any think to stop pandemic nothing is impossible for it only they expect other 😒

  8. Last year (2020) Brazil & the America’s were hit v badly by C virus. Huge number of casualties, and naturally their medical system getting overwhelmed.
    Same situation as many parts of Nepal & India in ‘21.

    How sensitively it was covered, with empathy on the huge numbers of deaths.
    The burials which were panned from afar, have been shown sensibly with lot of decency & grace.
    No garish scenes of corpses being burnt openly .. of morbid pics of Crematoriums- full of misery & people howling away.

    No close ups of despairing relatives cursing their nation & its Leaders.

    No judgemental beratings about .. a horrible System .. a filthy place with miserable people .. & poverty..

    Upstart nations with a terrible leader, and FAILURE written all over.

    The marked difference & bias, in BBC media coverage is quite evident & interesting.

  9. People don't seem to realize how serious America's Chief Medical Advisor Fauci's emails leaks really is………-It has come out that Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab through the company EcoHealth Alliance to deliberately confuse where the funds went. – it's public knowledge now that he deliberately funded the research of dangerous Gain of Function viruses – and we now know the Covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab and that it is a Gain of Function virus. Funds are not sent haphazardly – funding goes for a specific purpose . That means Fauci deliberately funded and gave orders / agreed to allow the invention of the Covid Sars 2 virus . HIS IS HUGE – ALSO THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD BE ASKING / SUING FOR COMPENSATION

    THIS TIME AMERICA HAS GONE TOO FAR – Creating a virus unleashed on the whole world bringing THE WHOLE WORLD TO IT'S KNEES – Destroying the whole world's economy – the endless death count – suicides of youth – starvation in poorer countries whose businesses shut down – loss of small businesses in every country in the world – the death toll of the elderly in care homes which somehow happened in every western country – psychological damage of children – people dying alone with no one at their bedside – funerals where families weren't allowed to attend and say Goodbye – Churches where their flock were not allowed to worship -+ Priests arrested – Protesters facing Court Charges – AMERICA YOU MUST PAY FOR THIS

  10. It's high time for UK to step in to help its oldest Allie Nepal to help in this critical situation. More than two Hundred thousands Gurkhas has sacrificed their life to save dignity of queen and flag of Britain , now it's time to pay back to Nepal for providing fearless brave Gurkhas to UK from more than two hundred years . Nepal needs help to fight against covid.

  11. Of course vaccine could help nepal to control the pandemic but they're just not trying to invest money to purchase vaccine from neighbour country who could help them . They all are corrupted to save the life of their own citizens. How can a country hospital can be so poor and tell the home is the better way to be cure. It's totally fool way of rule and system which is proof of great failure.

  12. My husband just past aways few days ago becouse of covid but we never get any help any assistant from goverment or private sector..we never go to hospital becouse we dont know which hospital we have to go beside we dont have money to pay for hospitalization we finished all our savings to buy food and medicine becouse my husband is kidney transplant patient so he stay at home and past away at home after he died he bring his body and wrapped it with white plastic .even i feel so bad so sad..😭😭😭

  13. Due to the corruption on politic in Nepal 🇳🇵 people are suffering from this pandemic. Nepal Government knows that It will going to happen when their the neighbours country India 🇮🇳 was suffering from Covid-19 pandemic. On my opinion We have to change a all political people from the roots and give it to the young generation to run the country. They are more education than today’s politician people. In the whole world 🌍 only Nepal 🇳🇵 is that country where politics are fighting for their seats when people are dying from COVID-19 due to the shortage of oxygen. “SHAME ON TO THE NEPAL POLITICS “

  14. When government becomes corrupted it's every single citizen to raise voice over this
    Their is no solution unless we citizens act

  15. M from Nepal. Recently, I lost my mom in this crisis. Hospitals cannot provide oxygen, ICU beds, ventilation nor other medical supplies. The medical system in Nepal SUCKS!!!!!!! The Government is very much busy for the election and on their own personal motive. Government issued an order that they have to get permission from CDO in order to get an oxygen cylinders, which is very ridiculous!!!!! it is really hard to get permission in this LOCKDOWN!!!! Government should distribute it to all the hospital rather than implanting this law, which might saves people's life!!!!!
    PLEASE, I humbly request not to provide any kinds of humanitarian aids to NEPAL'S GOVERNMENT!!!!! that goes directly to their pockets, it will be just the way to feed/ make them rich. NEPALESE needs VACCINE not any kinds of aids!!!!!!!!!!!! Our government is not taking any serious steps on it..
    I really wish no-one have to bear the pain which I am going through RIGHTNOW!!!!

  16. This is why we should all be following these rules to helping people who are extremely vunerable to Covid so many people have died of this horrible virus people need to learn to listen and to observe the rules and to obaying the rules and guidelines if this was done a year ago it would be great but no no one has listened to the rules and guidelines to protect against the Indian varient as it's slowly getting worse for the NHS they will be overwhelmed again

  17. Nepal government is neglecting from every angle to handle the COVID case. Current government is fighting for their chairs and fame. No other means to prove for them how failure they are.

  18. BBC is fake news. Get your sources and facts right. All talk and no data shown from Health Ministry. Why get your info from Nepal Youth Foundation? Som Paneru is just blabbering and you bought that? What happened to intelligent journalism?

  19. Sad that the government aren’t taking proper measures rather are focusing on the upcoming elections.. hope our country gets over this asap.

  20. Please 🙏 do not give donation To Nepal at all no money coming for people all going rich leaders and families abroad

  21. Fuck bbc news we know you are control under us and uk and un works for you we Nepalese know everything so go out of my country or some day we will make you

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