Netflix's 'Hollywood' Cast Breaks Down Emotional Oscars Episode | THR


The stars of Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series, ‘Hollywood,’ including Jeremy Pope, Laura Harrier, Darren Criss, Dylan McDermott, Patti LuPone, David Corenswet, Jake Picking, Jim Parsons and Samara Weaving, opened up to THR about the message their show sends to Hollywood today, that emotional Oscars episode and why this series is the perfect quarantine binge.

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Date: June 26, 2020

38 thoughts on “Netflix's 'Hollywood' Cast Breaks Down Emotional Oscars Episode | THR

  1. Anna May Wong never won an Academy award nor any Asian, I hope the actress who plays her wins an Emmy for this show. And I haven’t seen the live-action Mulan yet…fingers crossed 🤞 for academy’s for the actors.

  2. Like everyone here, I absolutely loved this show. Because I have been trained by Hollywood to expect tragic endings for Black men and women, for men and women of color, for queers and trans people of all ethnicities and races I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. so powerful, beautiful, joyous…love that Janet Mock and Ryan Murphy are collaborating on so much!

  3. the BEST show i have seen in YEARS. Wonderful cast, wonderful storyline, wonderful message. It felt raw, the characters were vibrant, the acting was exquisite, I did not look away for a single second watching this series. Everything about it was just amazing. This show needs a second season. I DEMAND IT.

  4. Only because of the pandemic, did I actually sit down to watch a series on Netflix! 'Dylan McDermott' was awesome in that role. I really enjoyed the whole series and cast of characters. Whoa, nelly! So far I've watched Hollywood and The Tiger King. So not me to sit down and watch, yet I did. Teaching an old dog some new tricks!

  5. The Oscars episode had me crying. I really enjoyed this show and all of the cast were great. Special shout out to Jake Picking for his vulnerable, sweet, sincere portrayal of Rock Hudson. Archie & Rock 4 Ever!

  6. Wow, what Patti LuPone says at the beginning is really everything wrong with modern toxic feminism! Empowerment of a certain demographic is great untill you do so by bashing others and tearing them down for your own benefit. The show itself had many bits of cringey staright white male deprecation, which is always wrong but sadly praised in today's hollywood.

  7. I don’t know why the historical inaccuracies bothered me at first, because now I understand how important it was to rewrite Hollywood history. Movies shape our culture, who knows where we would be now if we were that progressive and willing to accept differences in the 1940s…. it was a beautiful show

  8. i was crying, and telling to myself if this was true, so many things could have been better for a lot of us. i`m 42 and lived in the closet, and i know since i was a kid i was looking for my tribe in this world, and it makes me so happy to see that today`s kids can grow up in a better place. it`s not a perfect world, and there are so many ignorant people too, but than comes a film like this and you can`t help it but to be happy and hopeful about the future. it`s a very emotional ride and i loved every second of it. great cast, great story telling, and those beautiful eyes … shout out to Laura, David and Jeremy 🙂

  9. This show was wonderfully addicting!! And you began rooting for different characters as you watch their character evolve. Interestingly enough, watching this show reminded me that the things they struggled with in the 40’s-50’s are still low key struggles in 2020… a little disheartening and well done that a movie chronologically placed in that era is still VERY much relevant. This was a great show. Binged watched the entire season in one night hand it felt like a really good movie. 🎥 🍿

  10. I hope Ryan Murphy continues to hire LGBT actors and build their careers as openly gay in gay roles like we get in the end of Hollywood. Instead of casting non-gay actors in leading roles, especially if they are gay characters. I'm so tired of gays not getting the roles (gay or straight) and straights getting all the big gay roles over and over and over and over and over …. Make the message of this show realized.

  11. Women are as racist as men. Women being in charge changes nothing, infact, women are more racist than men. Emit Still anyone? The BS that hollywood peddles is such hypocrisy. Awful show. The only black man is gay. But ofcourse, women are all portrayed as Strong and Innocent. Yea, sure. Such BS!

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