Nevada's Early Vote for Democrats Complete; New Regulations on Chinese Media in US | NTD


Ntd News Today 2/19/2019

1. Nevada’s Early Vote for Democrats Complete
2. New Regulations on Chinese Media in US
3. US Judge Rejects Huawei Challenge
4. US: China Not ‘transparent’ Over Virus
5. Passengers Disembark Cruise Ship in Japan
6. Russia to Ban Chinese Citizens From Entry
7. Trump Pledges Support at Olympic Meeting
8. Roger Stone to Be Sentenced on Thursday
9. Document Suggests Propaganda Efforts
10. First Coronavirus Vaccine: 8-12 Months
11. Impact of German Succession Question on EU
12. Panama Back on EU Tax Havens Blacklist
13. French Farmer on Post-brexit Budget Cuts
14. Scorsese Encourages ‘parasite’ Director
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Date: August 3, 2020

6 thoughts on “Nevada's Early Vote for Democrats Complete; New Regulations on Chinese Media in US | NTD

  1. I just watched one of their propaganda shows it was amazing. Talking about how the u.s. is horrible to the Chinese how we constantly say they're horrible, country blah blah blah how racism blah blah blah I'm sitting here going well if you want to do that how about all the ethnic Tibetans you've killed how about well you can see that my mind started just going round and round and I just couldn't take it anymore I couldn't even watch it there was some American on there who was so apologetic about us racist mericans and everything and I'm just thinking how much do they pay you for that one? Because you know what the average American is not racist just like the average Chinese person is not racist but when people are stressed people are scared they do strange thing now they're trying to say that the Americans did it oh some guy said that maybe someone who's military personnel were there during the UN lead military games what in the world is that so people who are supposed to be fighting against each other get together you and Lynn and they compete really okay and it was really scary cuz you saw the opening credits and it was just like this is propaganda thing for China this has nothing to do with the UN so supposedly this all happened the same time that's why I wondered why some military guys from South Korea we're in China? So they compete against each other in an olympic bike event and yet they're supposed to be defending their countries against each other death doesn't make sense then it dawned on me wait a minute the United Nations is making the people who don't like each other work together but the problem is is that China is threatening Taiwan and other smaller Asian countries like South Korea through the use of North Korea etcetera but the UN just loves China China's being set up as you could see it as the next world superpower that is exactly what was going on in that game and the same time that the flu was being let loose in Wuhan the World military games happened 2 Days Later there was a meeting of all kinds of delegates regarding military and the Chinese guy got up and said that he will make sure they will have Taiwan they will get Taiwan back that they will force Taiwan to be part of them and that tells me that end and they will take the China Sea and there was another thing that they wanted and I'm sitting there going they feel like they're just going to get handed it that Taiwan is literally going to be handed to them on a silver platter you know what they will do they will go in and they will kill all of the independent minded Taiwanese they will go in and arrest all of them and put them in prisons in China mainland China they will be manufacturing keychains. But it really showed me how much China has taken the money that we idiots gave them and has bought their way into owning the world United States never was smart enough for that I guess maybe we didn't deserve to be the top guy we wrote off billions and debt that people owed us we helped Japan get back on her feet we helped other countries get back on their feet nobody helped us nobody repaid us perfect they turn their back on us so I guess we were just really stupid now those who should be heirs to what their grandfathers died for for sacrifice for our struggle for well as far as they're concerned give it to the Communists give it to the Socialists you don't know what you doing yeah we didn't if we had the, teachers would be in jail or in China

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