New Brexit deal agreed, says Boris Johnson – BBC News


A Brexit deal has been agreed between UK and EU negotiating teams before a meeting of European leaders in Brussels.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control.”

The two sides have been working on the legal text of a deal, but it will still need the approval of both the UK and European parliaments.

The DUP has cast doubt on its success, saying they still cannot support it.

The Northern Irish party earlier released a statement saying they could not back proposals “as things stand”, and – after the PM’s announcement – said their statement “still stands”.

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Date: January 8, 2020

24 thoughts on “New Brexit deal agreed, says Boris Johnson – BBC News

  1. Ahh,,,,what a difference a year makes. The only friends on this planet that the dup have are the Tories. The dup are anti-Labour, anti-SNP, anti-Lib Dems, anti-Irish, anti humanitarians, anti-Catholic, anti-American, anti-European, anti-human rites anti etc, etc, etc. What they are, are pro sectarian, pro anarchy, pro Monarchy, pro-capitalist (against the working and non-working classes) pro career politicians, pro-jobs for the boys, etc, etc, etc and so on and on. They are stuck in the 1600s. They are the bain of the ordinary working-class Loyalist people who are so desperately seeking a better life for their children. The DUP and their lackeys the Tories are doing absolutely nothing to help the working classes progress. In fact, they are consistently holding that group of British citizens, whom they so adamantly claim to be helping, in the poverty, they have been born into. Where do they stand today? At a cliff edge, staring disaster in the eye!. One can not get a better example of being stuck "between a rock and a hard place". The only way they can go from here is almost certainly negative. If there was a general election in the morning, just take a moment to think about the possible outcomes,,, Labour gets a majority government. The dup are anti-Labour/Corbyn and will get thrown under the bus. The Tories get a majority? they really will be thrown under the bus (maybe, many buses?) as their ten votes would be null and void. A hung parliament? The best outcome for the dup. They could hold the balance of power and have great influence and so strengthen the Union. Well God damn it! that's what we already have and what benefit has the dup gained? Well, as fate would have it, they have put their beloved union in jeopardy and were thrown under the Boris bus. You couldn't make it up. Boris is a career politician, just like the dup members all are. Self-centred, only concerned with their own legacies at the expense of their constituents whom they claim to look after. They have dug their own graves. Their only friend on the planet has done them over. Need I say more?

  2. Ignorant or, direct racism are both disgusting.

    Why has the BBC not covered the wholy unacceptable racist comment that Lottie made from the Apprentice.

    Furthermore, why has there been no action taken against her!?

  3. .The gutter bbc and rotten to the core 2 Party system, along with its Treasonous Political class, along with 80 % of the UK Media and the the house of snakes its all over for their Orwellian, Deep State, Illuminate agenda and their reprehensible philosophy, its like watching a snakes that have swallowed their own poison/venom, they writhe and twist before the inevitable..Vote BREXIT Party at the next GE…. DRAIN THE SWAMP

  4. Well, folks, we were all fooled AGAIN! ,I really thought Boris would get us out of this shit and go down in history as our saviour, and giving us Independence away from the EU " but no just more traitor to add to the list, there is going to be so much civil unrest, at the moment we are like a boiling vessel with a tight lid.

  5. First of all from what I remember his party wanted to remain isn't it? It was Corbyn who wanted to leave in the first place. Then the Conservatives put a referendum, Nigel Farage steps in telling lies getting people to vote to leave. Conservatives never wanted to leave the EU and they won't neither with Boris nor anyone else. To believe that such irresponsible behaviour was made by the Conservative party who put the UK in a very dangerous position. The Conservative party should have predicted that this was going to happen. They just didn't do their job. The Conservative party doesn't want and won't leave the EU after all that's what Nigel is telling about this new deal they have now. I quote him its 95 percent the same as Theresa mays agreement. What they try to save desperately both parties not only the Conservatives but Labour too is the great mess they both put their parties in. They literally try to save their parties nothing else. They are both responsible for the uprising of the far right in the UK. They should have both predicted all of this mess. If Boris will somehow do a deal it won't be a brexit deal. Everything will remain the same it will just be a load of agreements but life will be pretty much the same. Its just a whole lot of drama that kind of drama far right girls like. Boris will just try to get that far right sympathy and do them a supposedly brexit deal maybe then they can shut up that's his plan. But they won't. You have opened the Pandoras box and I can assure you Nationalism is not an easy snake to kill. Especially if that kind of snake is in this country. The Far right has your balls Boris you act like you are the greatest thing this country has right now but you are not. And as for Labour do us a favour and find your self another leader would you? I'm sure they already have thoughts about it.

  6. Having another vote to include all the options is the most democratic thing one should do for the sake of the people. Should include a vote of no confidence against all politicians in parliament and even the house of lords. The people after all is why we have a government in the first place. Of course we should not call it a government as we should not be subjects or the governed.

  7. Protecting EU laws in Ireland 😂 thought we was leaving the EU so why the EU still have laws in the UK 🤔 Jo Swindon said Boris Johnson is rushing it! 😂 this has been going on for three and a half years..

  8. Government definition : A group of humans with the authority to govern a country or state

    The whole system. Words can't describe how much I hate it. I can't accept it. The government does NOT have authority over me. Authority isn't even a real thing. IT'S AN ABSTRACT CONCEPT

    ACTUAL government definition : A group of complete delusional idiots who somehow and unfortunately have the "authority" to force their stupid little rules on every single individual on the land

  9. Every day I have to cope with so much anger and hatred, and it's because of how much I hate human society. The "government" thinks they have authority over everybody else. It sickens me. And they force all their horrible and deranged laws upon everybody, when they never agreed to them. I'm so fed up of it. I'm fed up of living in this flawed system. So much futility. I hate you, "government", you degenerate little scrotes

  10. Lucky us the politicians don't product anything important for our lives like making food or something similar because with this attitude we would be already death by starvation.

  11. BJ MUST have had some sort of 'leverage' to get the EU to behave….wonder what is was…as far as the Liberal Traitorcrats are concerned the best thing about their leader Jo Swinsontis is her t**s…

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