New three-tier system spells tougher coronavirus restrictions for England – BBC News


A new system of coronavirus restrictions for England is to be announced in Parliament — with infection rates soaring in many parts of the country.

It aims to end the patchwork of different rules by bringing in three levels of restrictions – depending on the danger posed by the virus in any particular area.

Parts of northern England, where cases of Covid-19 have been rising fastest, are expected to face tougher curbs which could include closing pubs, bars and restaurants.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Dan Johnson in Liverpool, political correspondent Chris Mason and medical editor Fergus Walsh.

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Date: October 14, 2020

45 thoughts on “New three-tier system spells tougher coronavirus restrictions for England – BBC News

  1. Dear BBC… You have covid you need to switch off channels for 14days off and stay at home, buy popcorn online and watch birds from window get the mask and be happy with fog in a brain

  2. If you actually crave MORE restrictions for a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate. You are either desperate to be controlled or you’re incredibly stupid.

  3. They show on screen, in this video, what utter bollocks they are spewing to you.

    At 6:33 42,825 total uk deaths (big bold red text)

    Deaths for ANY REASON within 28 DAYS ( a whole month) of a positive test.
    (on a test not made for testing for corona. On a test they over cycle in relation to the recommended amount of cycles to do. On a test that has been proven to give false positives)

    So if i took one of these literally pointless tests.. A test that isnt accurate. A test i wouldn't need if the virus i was testing for was so deadly, because i'd already be dead ..told me i have covid (even though i have zero symptoms of such a deadly virus). I walk out of the testing lab and get hit by a bus …I DIED OF COVID19. I am now a fake statistic used to push this bollocks.

  4. <<>> One moment to think please <<>> World Winner, COUNTRY HERO against C-VIRUS should be carefully assessed, less "unwise politics", to save a million lives: Singapore: Total death 27, prolonged Zero Daily death, Fatality Rate 0.05 (v. U.S. 2.75)]. <> Assessing is experimental, not final, but its aim, scope and use can save the lives of a million in various countries, especially of nursing-homes, care-centers remnants, etc. <> "Dedicated Funds" ['stimulus' too?] aimed to save life at new, high-quality, country-side, fresh-air-areas [motels, hotels, tent centers], to stop-reduce fatality-rates [study why WHO reversed? Now against simple locking]. 
    Various new regulations may apply, like Wider-Distancing, No visitors, Best-Food-Medicine, etc. – Partly cared by [same?] care givers? <> "Pilot Black-Out-Prevention" also helps reduce heart/brain damages [2 books at ''in'', Amazon, Google-Search, explain rate of O2-in/CO2-out of the blood via square-root of pressure-difference across lung membranes times their total area, is done via deep-air-in, pressure-hold-10-sec, then strongest-cough-vacuum-out CO2 (strong coughs may help too)]. Naturally one-liners don't care: "Russian concentration camps", "Mid-Summer dream" Enough said>

  5. Total lockdown is the only way. There will be casualties but that is the consequence for not adhering to the restrictions. The hospitality industry only have the punters to thank for their stupid, childish and insolent behaviour…

  6. This tier is bullshit and has no effect on a virus!!!! a virus that spiked when SCHOOLS opened!! ermmm CLOSE schools, anyone with sense would tell you that. Nothing to do with pubs or mixing at home!!

  7. And so, the zoning starts. UN Agenda in full swing. Next will be areas no one will be able to visit. Strictly off limits to all. Small rural communities will be shut down. People moved to designated zones. Not enough people are paying attention!

  8. Open everything up and say wear a mask and wash your hands. If need be force premises to shut for an hour mid day to deep clean. But this start stop is just killing the country.

  9. Hello friends, always carry disinfection spray with you. Also take vitamin C tablets and homeo medicines. We can't help going out for essentials. The only thing we can avoid is entertainments and parties. In my home town (Trivandrum, Kerala, India), at first there wasn't a single case reported because we strictly followed the stringent rules of our state government. Even though the hard and fast rules were bit irritating, it works. while in my country(India), things were different. The number of Covid patients were increasing rapidly. It was something beyond imagination. Now the situation has changed completely. There are around 50,000 cases reported just in my home town(Trivandrum) and death rate is also increasing day by day. The HIGHLIGHT is, I travel atleast 50 kms every day on my bike and I made close contacts with Covid patients because many peoples, in my office were infected. I under went Covid test twice and I am happy to inform you that the result is "negative". In my travel I stop by many places for shopping and all. I attended funeral ceremonies, marriage parties etc in this restriction time yet I am free from covid why because I take ultra precautions. I repeat, take vitamin C tablets, homeo medicine, use sanitizer spray and liquid, take vegetarian foods(it provides high immunal power). Be veg and take precautions are the only solutions to get rid of this Pandemic.

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  13. I cant believe people are still behind this bullshit. Almost a year and not even 1% of the population has been infected. yet here we are destroying our freedoms and economy. It couldn't be more obvious that most humans are pathetic cowards.

  14. Hey Konrad Boris, just admit it's about the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and U.N. Agenda 2030. We also have the The Green New Deal & The 4th Industrial Revolution. Is that all just a massive coincidence? You know you can't fool all the people all of the time. Stop hiding your Davos/Bilderberg buddies plans under the cover of covid. That is beyond devious.

  15. We are still falling for all this nonsense, they are changing the goals every day & everyone is so bemused we don’t know whether we are coming or going, get back to normal life, there’s NO deadly virus, it’s just a flu virus

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