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  1. 90 days entry clearance expired aayavar undo.
    Visa vignette replacement nu passport maathrom kondpoyal mathyo vfsil mandatory documents vaeronnum document checklist il chodhichitila.
    Aryavunnavar undaenkil please reply

  2. ഹായ് സത്യൻ ചേട്ടാ ഇന്ത്യയെ എട്ടാം തീയതി മുതൽ റെഡ് ലിസ്റ്റിൽ നിന്ന് ഒഴിവാക്കി ആംബർ ലിസ്റ്റ് ആക്കുക ആണല്ലോ അപ്പോൾ വാക്സിൻ എടുക്കാതെ വരുന്നവർക്ക് ഹോട്ടൽ quarantine ആവശ്യമുണ്ടോ അതോ ഹോം quarantine മതിയാകുമോ പ്ലീസ് റിപ്ലൈ

  3. Could you please tell me if a person received 2doses of vaccine covishield does he need home quarantine and day 8 covid test.

  4. If you are travelling from an amber list country and would like to opt day 5 test to release , do we need to book for day 8 test as well before travelling

  5. Can you please give me suggestion about Epsom and st helier hospital, i got an interview from the agency.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Kure god is great kanunu conment boxil. Pulli athraium great aairunnu ankil e corona varillairunnu. Potte vannu kazhinju onnu mattan sremikkan kazhiyatha daivom

  7. Is vaccine is mandatory those who coming from india? Are they require hotel quarantin if not vaccinated or home quarantin is acceptable.

  8. Covishield by India is not yet approved in the UK overseas vaccine program…it might be in future…we have to wait and watch…so how is it possible to avoid home quarantine for people vaccinated in India?
    Most likely people vaccinated in India have to undergo home quarantine and will not be exempted from this….

  9. 2nd dose vaccine m eduthavarkk aug 8th nu shesham ethu date il vannalum quarantine avishym undo? Please reply asap , my friend is booked his flight on 9th august…

  10. My husband came to UK by august 4th, he is still in hotel quarantine, so he need to stay in hotel after aug 8th? Or he can come off and will they refund the money for hotel quarantine?

  11. Indiayil ninnu 2 dose covishield vaccine eduthittu vannal home quarantine avashyamundo chetta.. Please reply

  12. Chette oru karyamkoodi ariyanamayirunnu Senior health care visayil ukyilullavark kuttikale nattilninnum konduvarunnathinu show money kanikkanamo?. Athinte procedures koode paranju tharavo? 🙏

  13. Ippo vacancy undo uk lu nurses nu..NJan ielts pass aay. Ippo 3 mths aay covid duty cheyyukayanu. Uk lu varan thalparyam und

  14. Hi Sathyan chetta..
    India yil ippo visitor visa cheythu kodukkunna eathenkilum genuine agency de contact details onnu share cheyyumo?? Plz..

  15. Its really a great news Sathyan Bro….Can you please do a video on 2021 Dependent visa procedures and process details please.

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