New underwater footage shows Titanic wreck deteriorating


The wreck of the Titanic could be lost forever, say scientists, after the first dive expedition in 14 years showed key parts had been washed away.

Explorers making the first manned voyage to the Titanic wreckage in more than a decade said they had uncovered a partial collapse of the ship’s hull and that the Captain’s quarters had also deteriorated heavily.

Nearly 13,125ft (4,000m) beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, in water at a bitterly cold one degree, salt corrosion and metal-eating bacteria have worn away parts of the liner’s structure.

The team of divers found that the hull near the officers’ quarters on the starboard side of the ship has started to collapse, taking with it the vessel’s luxurious stateroom accommodation, according to exploration company Caladan Oceanic.

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Date: January 21, 2020

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