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  1. Brother armania amber listil aanu so indiayil ninu armania vazhi veraan patuo . armaniayil 14 days ninu uk yil veraan patumo

  2. Can you please make videos in english or atleast with english subtitles…coz you are the only one who put latest updates.but only kerelites can understand. It will be very helpful for many others like me.i shall be really grateful. Please do english videos, or you can take some translator as well or putrnglish subtitles. Thankyou

  3. Sir,
    Ente wife senior care visa k apply cheaithu . COS issue cheaithu. Travel cheyyunnathinu nthelum prblm undakumo.. Plz reply

  4. Sir thank u for update.. but is there any way that u can speak to UK govt on behalf of indian nurses who have visa atleast because the nurses those with visa have already quit their job and if they want to join somewhere like to help indian govt and so on (which the uk govt is suggesting) they are facing problems such as hospitals need bond around 6months to 1 year which we cant agree since we dont know when UK govt will call us… Its reallyy a hard phase that we are going through especially for those who are waiting with visa since they need to travel within 3 months… I will be thankful if u can please talk to UK govt on behalf of this if possible..

  5. Thank you sir for the updates, plz can you include if there is any specific vaccination that cant be included for students or the students who took any of the two vaccine can enter for education?

  6. ലണ്ടനിൽ ഉള്ള അനിയത്തിയുടെ മരുമോൾ പ്രെഗ്നന്റ് ആണ്. പ്രസവം അടുത്ത മാസം ഉണ്ടാവും അനിയത്തിക്ക് അങ്ങോട്ടുവരണം എന്നുണ്ട് പറ്റുമോ.

  7. 90 days vignette expired aayal new vignette aedukkan medical aedukkano
    Aaraenkilum entry clearance expired aayavar undo friends

  8. May I know per month how many nurses travel UK?? I'm one of the nurses with visa, waiting for travel ban lift… It's really distressing time, cos we resigned and we're ready to fly, but out of blue this travel ban.. now we're confused whether we need to stay home or join somewhere.. besides no one(agents) is giving proper update… But your video is informative..

  9. Sir, njan next month 16 nu ticket eduthu….. Abudhabi conected flight aanu…. Appol india redlistil ninnu change aayit UAE change aayillenkil problen undakumo…

  10. Chetta evida joliyum kalanju nattil visayum kitty nilkkua but still UK don't want nurses that they issued visa. Sahichuu please do anything

  11. Bro m really worried my oet is valid till oct wil it be a issue… will also get expire in July last……..y only restrictions for nurses……do they extend my oet nd visa

  12. Philippines also in the redlist..why they don't have any recruitment restrictions.. I think all the nurses who got selected by NHS trust contacted by the respective trusts and ensured their job and support through mail..

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