News: Innovation Is A Tool of the Patriarchy (Morning Constitutional)


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Date: October 12, 2019

48 thoughts on “News: Innovation Is A Tool of the Patriarchy (Morning Constitutional)

  1. While I agree 99.9% of what you say, TFM, the Amazon AI have a issue. The system used past results to look for best probability for continuation of company growth, therefore the system will look for résumés that look similar to those who were hired. If you had a bias in your training sample (say if you hired more men than women), the AI may end up reproducing the exact same bias. They removed gender defining words, but men have a different word pattern (we rarely used stupid complex titles) and the AI will pick it up. There is no way to objectively tell what is the pattern found by the AI, but since they didn't published the paper explaining the method used and which sample bias they've accounted for, we can't tell for certain if this natural problem with they're training sample was solved (there might not even be enough training data amount the female employees).

  2. "… and called its methodology flawed." By "flawed", I take it to mean that the methodology was absolutely impeccable. Why, oh why, can't these companies simply say "Our algorithm is completely free of bias, and if you want to know exactly how it worked, here it is on a line-by-line basis"? This algorithm is no great industrial secret, so the perfect defence for Forbes is simply to outline the details for all to see.

  3. I have absolutely no idea how it is legal to make quotas for women. That is discrimination against men. 1/2 of women's lineage is male. 1/2 of male's is female. Even if the Patriarchy nonsense about history were true, men today owe women nothing. This is bigotry and exploitation.

  4. Relativiy, especially general relativity and quantum mechanics are complimetary. QM has not replaced relativity. A lot of people don't know that Einstein took credit for his wife's discovery according to National Geographic. I think Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Louis de Broglie, Max Planck and the otherpioneers of quantum mechanics also stole the information from their wives. I am hoping National Geographic will expose them.

  5. Nike lost 3 billion this year. They didn't get hurt at the very beginning because blacks went out and bought a lot for the first month, but then things went back to normal. Except whites quit buying for the long term and that hurt in the latest earnings report.

  6. It's not hard to figure out…They are ideological and motivated by the taxpayer/corporate dollars. The only solution to Feminism is to give them NOTHING. Let them complain, become tone deaf and proceed to give them NOTHING. Cut them off.

  7. In Germany there is a small company called true fruits. They are giving no fuck if they are offending people and refuse to submit to the SJWs. Because this kind of outrage marketing works so well and many people are annoyed by the cucked marketing industry there sales are skyrocketing know.

  8. I don't want Alexa, Siri, or any other "personal assistant" Big Brother uses to spy on us anywhere near me , my home, or my vehicle.
    As far as those feminazis yelling "Pay attention to my vagina!" go, I'm happy to trigger them by ignoring them and their skanky, Carousel-riding cooches.

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