Image caption The Metro pays tribute to the “heroes” of the Notre-Dame fire. While firefighters battled the flames, the paper reports Catholic priest Father Jean-Marc Fournier “also risked his life” by dashing into the burning cathedral to save its most “precious treasures”.
Image caption The medieval building was minutes away from being totally consumed by the blaze, according to the front page of the Daily Telegraph. It quotes French junior minister Laurent Nuñez saying: “Just 15 minutes or half an hour later and it would have been too late.”
Image caption The Times also leads on a report about how close the cathedral was to total collapse. The broadsheet reports an initial alarm was dismissed as false after no evidence of a fire was found. Only when a second alarm sounded 33 minutes later was the fire service called, it says.
Image caption On its front page, the Guardian describes the “eerily silent and deserted” scene inside Notre-Dame following the fire. “It felt like I was looking at a bombing,” the newspaper quotes Philippe Marsset, the vicar general of the cathedral, saying.
Image caption “Notre-Dame rises again” reads the front of the i newspaper, which reports that hundreds of millions of euros have been raised to help rebuild the cathedral.
Image caption A record number of women over 50 are in work, according to official figures cited on the front page of the Daily Mail. Experts say a rise in the state pension age, growing financial pressures, and changing lifestyles were all factors, the paper reports.
Image caption The front of the FT reports that plane-maker Boeing is facing a backlash from its investors after two fatal crashes involving its aircraft. “We believe these incidents indicate a potential lapse in the board’s oversight,” shareholder advisory firm Glass Lewis said.
Image caption The Daily Express reports that care homes are evicting residents when family members complain about their treatment. The “revenge evictions” are designed to “silence claims of abuse and neglect”, according to the paper.
Image caption On the front of the Sun is the news that former Manchester United and England midfielder Paul Scholes has been charged with misconduct for allegedly breaking FA betting rules.

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