Newspaper headlines: ‘Soft Brexit talks’ and a Bafta queen

Image caption A photo of the Duchess of Cambridge on the red carpet in an elegant white gown marks the Bafta Awards on the Times’ front page. The paper’s main story reports that Theresa May risks a Brexit split in her cabinet by opening the door to talks on Jeremy Corbyn’s customs union plan.
Image caption Metro takes the opposite view of the prime minister’s intentions. “I’m Jez saying no,” says the headline over a story reporting that she is rejecting the Labour leader’s proposal. A collage of Bafta winners toasts the success of The Favourite, the British film about Queen Anne which won seven awards.
Image caption Efforts to win over Labour MPs to the prime minister’s Brexit deal are the focus of the Financial Times’ lead story. The paper says Theresa May is offering fresh concessions on preserving workers’ rights and environmental protections after the UK leaves the EU.
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Image caption The prospect of a softer Brexit is also raised by the Daily Telegraph. But its main story follows up its previous reports on allegations that Sir Philip Green mistreated employees. An MP has now written to police to demand an investigation, the paper says – but Sir Philip has denied any criminal behaviour or gross misconduct.
Image caption “Colman reigns at the Baftas,” says the Guardian, next to a picture of Olivia Colman accepting the award for best actress for her portrayal of Queen Anne. The paper’s lead story reports a warning from scientists that insect numbers are plummeting, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”.
Image caption Another environmental warning features on the front page of the Daily Express. “18 million breathing toxic air,” says the paper, reporting on research into dangerously high levels of pollution in the UK. The paper also hails Olivia Coleman as a “Bafta queen”.
Image caption Like the Times, the Daily Mail leads with a red carpet picture of the Duchess of Cambridge. “Greek goddess Kate wows Baftas,” says the paper. The main story reports on a “mounting cabinet revolt” over the £60bn cost of the HS2 rail project.
Image caption “Kate’s night on the gown” at the Baftas wins the Sun’s approval. The paper also reports on a less triumphant night out, describing Colleen Rooney’s “fury” after her footballer husband Wayne was seen partying with a barmaid in Florida.
Image caption The Daily Mirror continues its campaign to save free TV licences for the over-75s. The paper says there are “only one day left” to stop plans to introduce charges, as a BBC consultation comes to an end.
Image caption “Britain’s hidden housing scandal” is the headline in the i newspaper. It reports on the plight of people living as “property guardians”, looking after otherwise empty buildings in return for lower rents. They face what the paper says are unsafe conditions, with no running water or smoke alarms.
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Image caption The Daily Star offers some good news: horse flu does not look like it will bring further disruption to British racing. Races are on course to resume this week, leaving fans “feeling bet-ter”, the paper says.

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