Nikki Bella Is Shocked That Artem's Parents Will Be in France | Total Bellas | E!


The “Total Bellas” star gets nervous when she learns she’ll finally meet her beau’s parents. Watch Nikki’s family speculate he’ll propose!

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Nikki Bella Is Shocked That Artem’s Parents Will Be in France | Total Bellas | E!


Date: October 14, 2020

44 thoughts on “Nikki Bella Is Shocked That Artem's Parents Will Be in France | Total Bellas | E!

  1. ARTEM is the only real, genuine person there at that table. Look how they slam his news (of parents) down and disrespect him – dreadful. Shame to watch this.

  2. First of all, Kathy can sit this one out since she's been married 50 000 times. Brie and Bryan almost got divorced, but people think their opinions matter. Kathy disgusts me cause she's not perfect at all. But Artem is a secured man so he won't be broken by insecure people

  3. Anyone else would’ve met the parents or parent wayyyyyyy before a year of dating lol 😂I love how Brie is right next to Nicole talking about Artem going to the ring store 2 weeks prior

  4. The funny thing is that they started Total Bellas with John and now they’re “ending” it with Artem I wonder if Birdie remembers John

  5. I am so happy for this beautiful couple and love them so much ❤️💕😍 but I am so sad Total Bella’s have only a couple episodes left! What are we going to do😢

  6. I am confused Nikki broke up with John Cena because he didn’t want to get married and have kids Artem wants both what’s the problem? Is it because he’s not Famous or RICH!

  7. This woman their mum is a rude woman gosh they should cut her out some people are stopping watching this because of how rude this woman is she is very desperate to be Kris Jenner or be famous. They treat Artum like he is a nobody Artum is more famous than them here in UK

  8. I understand them being nervous about them moving too fast or something… However, Artem really does get put through the ringer!!! ALL THE TIME!!! And apparently his financial situation isn’t bad, it’s just the show he was working on made cuts and it happens. In spite of that, he’s been traveling for work and making a living. They kinda made me feel bad for watching them talk about him 🤦🏾‍♀️ …Awkward !!!!

  9. Why is Brie talking about ring shopping like Nicole isn’t RIGHT THERE🤣🤣🤣 now imagine if Nicole turned around like “What?!”🤣

  10. They really try their hardest to make him seem poor. He’s not super wealthy but he’s definitely well off. Hearing her mom say she had a ring he could buy, ugh, that was just gross. He’s a sweet guy and puts Nicole first but that doesn’t seem enough to her family.

  11. Kathy is so two faced! She talks about artem not having a job but yet what does she do for a living or her husband to make money? She clearly lives off the Bella twins ! She needs to worry about her own marriage! And Brie is annoying and needs to worry about Bryan besides stalking Nikki and artem 23/7.

  12. Brie and Cathy especially are bitches about Artem. Why? He’s a nice guy. Too nice to be part of their bitchy family…

  13. I like to remember how Nikki kissed Bryan first but was not the one to end up with him…what if that happend(gonna just leave this I'm about to say here) anyone mind helping me out on road to 1k or watch a vid tell me any improvement i should do

  14. anyone thinks that Nikki doesnt know how to say no like tbh whe john proposed she didnt even get happy her face was like whatever. I feel she does things because she doesnt want to be mean lets says the wine spill she blamed herself idk i feel she is running too fast and i dont trust Artem that much didnt he end his marriage for a dwts partner then Nikki he got fired and now he gets paid to be on the show.

  15. Artem is literally at dinner with her whole extended family in this scene, but they act like meeting HIS parents is suddenly too much. Nikki even insisted on Artem coming along to meet her estranged father weeks before this. It's so selfish and one-sided.

  16. Artem and Nikki should just get a freaking room 🙄🙄🙄being in love doesn't mean having to do all that throughout lunch, especially on front of the elders. Yes, they love them. But they can reserve some kisses for the bedroom..

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