No spectators at Tokyo Olympics as Covid state of emergency declared – BBC News


The Olympic Games in Japan are to be held without spectators due to rising cases of coronavirus.

Olympics Minister Tamayo Marukawa made the announcement following discussions with officials and organisers on Thursday evening.

A state of emergency in Tokyo will run throughout the Games, to combat coronavirus.

Coronavirus infections are rising in Tokyo as the 23 July opening ceremony edges closer.

There has been widespread opposition to the Games in Japan, with calls for them to be postponed or cancelled.

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Date: October 5, 2021

21 thoughts on “No spectators at Tokyo Olympics as Covid state of emergency declared – BBC News

  1. The human race is out running more than It's self .Here is to those who think it is worth the challenge

  2. Masks and social distancing failed to work in 1919 and it has failed again now. Furthermore there is every reason to suppose that arrogant politicians trying to get the upper hand over nature have yet again been taught a protracted and painful lesson. There are higher and far more potent powers than that exercised by man.

  3. Apart from the fact that it will be a rubbish Olympics because of no fans and many athletes not competing the fact that much of it will be shown at terrible times of the day to suit American tv. Money,money,money.

  4. This Olympics will be the worst Olympics in a long time disorganized and filled with problems in especially during a pandemic that they're going through every day more and more people are being tested with covid.

  5. Here are the ones that, in my opinion, constitute the salient points of the "pandemic", in Italy and in other countries, starting from the end of 2019 until today:

    1) Spread of the virus from the city of Wuhan, but not from the fish market;

    2) Wrong indications of the WHO on the nature and danger of the virus, which have deceived most of the nations, except some;

    3) Increase in mortality due to incorrect treatments practiced in all countries, caused primarily by the lack of autopsies, which would have revealed that the cause of deaths was not attributable to interstitial pneumonia, but to pulmonary thromboembolism and other degenerations of the cardio-circulatory system;

    4) Further increase in mortality due to the fact that some cures against Covid, both in hospital and at home, were rejected by the Ministry of Health and by AIFA without valid justifications, pending the thaumaturgical power of the upcoming anticovid vaccines;

    5) Indiscriminate lockdowns based almost exclusively on the results of fallacious PCR swabs, which, with the wrong equation "positive" = "contagious", represented the main means of coercion and isolation of citizens, and contributed to the destruction of the economic and social status of the various countries;

    6) Lastly, since the news is very recent, a factor that has contributed to the mortality, namely the almost certain chimerical nature of the virus, which has prolonged the duration of the epidemic with variations and should lead to an agreement infamous between the US and China to close the issue of the Asian giant's responsibility for the spread of the virus;

    7) Use of experimental anticovid vaccines, which, instead of preventing the virus and its variants, have caused numerous deaths due to the probable ADE phenomenon, also by virtue of the denied chimerical nature of SarsCov2;

    Apart from my personal considerations, I have collected news and studies on all the points listed above, which I can also send to those interested in learning more about the whole subject.

  6. Japan Olympics full of lies
    Why do Japanese players use separate accommodation instead of using the athletes' village?

  7. Economical olympic in japan / Anti Sex paper bed for Abe’s big brother Business and Advertising safeties Fukushima Food with olympic athletes/ and Discharge of radioactive water of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant For Earth.

  8. Incubating Godzilla with their radiation material disposal to ocean while standing idly just watching people suffering from COVID-19. Good job Japanese government.

  9. 聞いたんだけど 選手の部屋にコンドームが置いてあるって本当?

  10. Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.


    Open Letter To The 45th President Of The United States Of America Donald J Trump


    God Bless You Donald Trump and give you the courage, strength and wisdom, to be on the right side of destiny, to be the greatest president the USA has ever had!!
    Sir you have achieved more in your 1st term in office than all the previous presidents combined.
    Once people realise and really wake up, and see your hand in the down fall of the cabal, the global elites, the corrupt bankers, mainstream media,politicians, the various royal families in the world and their insatiable thirst for adrenochrome and other nefarious activities.
    To gain the fountain of youth they have needlessly enslaved young children and trafficked them like disposable goods. All In the pursuit of their own insatiable greed & vanity, they have sacrificed their humanity and are pure evil and satanic to the core.
    Once people realise your great military war against the deep state, and all the 5 million children that you have rescued from dumbs (deep underground military bases). You will become a national & international hero.
    Posterity will confirm and history will record. That You Sir, will be remembered as the Greatest President of The USA. Who has actually given the power back to the people, aswell as their liberty & freedoms. May the sun always shine, on the glorious New Republic, that you have newly created, once the US goes back to constitutional law and away from corrupt marine law.
    Most importantly though Sir you will be remembered as the greatest peace maker and humanitarian.
    I can only reiterate that Donald you are an amazing man and inspirational in your vision. I can only wish you a very long live, aswell as your incredible family.
    God bless the USA and the rest of the world.


    "We, as lions, should never bow before the hyenas." Calgary pastor

    The sheep will spend its entire life fearing the coyote only to be eaten by the sheep herder. Navajo proverb

  11. 日本の子供達の言葉。 運動会も出来ないのに オリンピックは良いの?
    そう 大人の都合…..

  12. Thank You for saving the thousand of lives of your people from a possible new COVID-19 surge if spectator are allowed during Tokyo 2020, Mr. Prime Minister!

  13. Why are they holding the Olympics at all this year? Sounds like the Japanese don’t want it, yet the Olympic committee has the last say on that? Even during a pandemic? Sad. This is ridiculous. I won’t be watching. Care less about the summer Olympics this year than ever before.

  14. Perhaps it would be better if the Olympics were cancelled and put on hold until next year. It would be better for the economy as people would be able to travel to Tokyo and be spectators. ❤

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