North England’s leaders warn region will be “plunged into hardship” without more help – BBC News


Mayors and community leaders in the north of England say the financial help being offered by the government isn’t enough to protect their communities from hardship – as parts of the country face tougher Covid-19 restrictions.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester warned that many businesses in the north were on a knife edge. Along with leaders in Liverpool and Sheffield he has warned that the region will face genuine hardship without more financial support.

The government is expected to announce ane system of tiered restrictions – with areas facing different rules depending on how quickly cases are spreading.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News reporting by political correspondent Chris Mason.

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Date: October 17, 2020

27 thoughts on “North England’s leaders warn region will be “plunged into hardship” without more help – BBC News

  1. UK economy suffers worst slump in Europe in second quarter.
    Historic recession as quarterly output collapses by over 20% despite slight recovery prior to the October EU summit.
    The UK’s underperformance was partly a result of the length of its lockdown and the forcast January Brexit chaos, forcast and anounced by Gove said analysts Bloomberg.
    The UK economy suffered a much bigger slump than any other European economy in the second quarter, shrinking by over 21% and falling into its deepest recession on record.
    Official data released on Wednesday showed that gross domestic product fell by well over 20 per cent quarter on quarter, with widespread contractions and complete failures across all sectors.
    The figures confirm that the pandemic has hit the UK harder than other developed economies due to the highly incompetent management by Johnson, Gove and Hancock. The decline in UK GDP since the end of 2019 is double that in the US and second only to Moldova among European peers. 
    The UK compares especially badly with Germany, where GDP fell 9.9 per cent over the first half of the year, and with the US, which suffered a 10.6 per cent drop. In both of those countries the economic recovery is well under way — though in the US it is now threatened by high levels of new virus cases and the stand-off between Democrats and Republicans over a new round of fiscal stimulus.
    “Today’s figures confirm that hard times are here for most,” said Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, while quietly promising to leave only northern voters “without hope or opportunity” as they are "unlikely to vote Conservative in the next election anyway".
    But the Labour opposition seized on the figures as evidence that the government’s handling of the crisis and the failure to gain even modest concessions from EU Brexit negotiators, had contributed to “the worst recession in Europe by far”.
    Analysts said the UK’s underperformance was largely because parliament has been unable to scrutinise defective conservative policy or suggest improvements and Johnson's inability to organise policy making that works and also because the consumer-facing services sector that was hardest hit by Johnson's social distancing fiasco and has a bigger weight in GDP, accounting for 80 per cent of the economy. 
    A recovery from the depths of the lockdown failed to gain momentum in June. Output grew 7.9 per cent month on month — faster than most economists had expected, although slightly below the Bank of England’s pessimistic predictions.
    This means UK GDP has grown by only 5.3 per cent since its April low in real terms, but remains 22.9 per cent beneath its already poor level in February, before the crisis hit. The figures led to renewed calls from business groups for the government to extend wage support through its furlough scheme and step up other forms of support including the removal of Johnson and his ludicrous inner circle.
    Tej Parikh, economist at the Institute of Directors lobby group, called for cuts in employers’ national insurance contributions to support hiring, and for the Treasury to explore options for restructuring business loans.
    Alpesh Paleja, economist at the CBI employers group, said the dual threat of a second wave of infection and inadequate progress over Brexit talks underlined the need for “maximum agility” from an incompetent government.
    James Smith, research director at the Resolution Foundation, a think-tank, added: “Although today’s data tells us that the economy is not recovering as lockdown restrictions persist and still has a long way to go, and that challenges will be far bigger for the UK than for any other wealthy European country, especially as Brexit chaos take hold in January and public unrest gains momentum due to severe hardships that will result.”
    The services sector fell 23.9 per cent quarter on quarter, accounting for three-quarters of the fall in GDP. With much of the hospitality and leisure sectors still closed or on short hours, its recovery has been slower than that of other sectors, with services output down 7.7 per cent month on month as well, largely due to an almost complete cessation in car sales. This compared with a 1 per cent rebound in manufacturing, due to the lowest Pound to Euro exchange rate in history.
    Construction was hardest hit over the quarter as a whole, and has not bounced back, with a month on month fall of 23.5 per cent.
    The ONS set out record quarter-on-quarter falls in household spending, driven by the slump in expenditure on tourism, hospitality and transport, and in government spending. The latter was caused by school closures and the postponement of urgent and non-urgent healthcare.
    It also highlighted the risk of a prolonged slump in business investment, which has fallen by a record 31.4 per cent since the first quarter. Bank of England surveys suggest that most businesses have cancelled or postponed non-essential spending, especially in consumer-facing sectors

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  5. The Covid19 virus isn't going to go away peaple to blame is are UK government and priminister Boris Johnson f lifting the lockdown to soon now the second wave off the Covid19 virus that's hit EU country's and uk is stronger than the first I don't believe we're being told the true deaths from covid-19

  6. It’s all a scam. It’s not more dangerous then any yearly flu. They lied about the death tool. It’s just a globalist scam by the crazy leftist, and yes you BBC are part of the scam.

  7. I guess the Tories want these Labour areas to support Tories in the next election. As a punishment they received Tier 3 lockdown whilst Tory areas got away lightly with Tier 1.

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  9. To the Labour mayors…I suggest you start asking why 194 of your party MPs couldn't be bothered to vote either which way in the latest Rona Act extension that has put us in this situation.300 MPs out of 624 elegible to vote didn't! Only 25 MPs voted against…..but I'll be they all voted to accept a £3300 pay rise.
    Labour or Tory…same party…different coloured ties.

  10. What are the government doing about getting all the millions of pounds back scammed by fraudsters from Eastern European countries who are now living the good life at our expense

  11. If you haven't watched, V For Vendetta, lately my UK friends, time for a re watch. In that movie a totalitarian government exploits a pandemic to gain control over the British people. Hmmm, sound familiar?

  12. Getting 100% compensation because the government has shut you down, 100% correct. Now what about the business owners, what compensation will they get?

  13. I don't understand , there's a serious plague around and they still letting people out and about , getting pissed in pubs till 10pm like that makes a difference.

    Fair enough grocery stores need to stay opened but why the gyms , cinemas , hair dressers , ???

    Is he maaad?

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