NTD Painting Competition Displays Tibetan Culture


NTD Painting Competition Displays Tibetan Culture
12/16/2008 10:37:00 AM

Next we will take a closer look at one of the paintings entered into NTDs International Oil Painting Competition. This one took inspiration from the sunny people in Tibet and their devotion to Buddhism.

Inspired by the Tibetan nations devotion to Buddhism, Yu Li from Albany, upstate New York composed, this painting…titledFirst Prayer Class.

This painting depicts a child sitting with his mother, and their male relatives in the Tibetan sunshine.

Yu travelled from China to Tibet when he was a young artist. He says Tibetan people are very kind natured.

[Yu Li, Professor of Fine Arts]:
In Tibetan words it is called, Sunshine area. Because Tibet usually, especially in the winter, no rain, very dry. Very dry. So everywhere the sun shines. Its so strong, and the sky is so blue. Beautiful, because no pollution there. No industry. So this painting I show the sunshine. Not only the outside sunshine, but also in their heart.

He says the traditional costume and culture of Tibet is quite different to that of his Han ethnicity in mainland China.

[Yu Li, Professor of Fine Arts]:
And our area today has lost many traditional costumes because communists change everything.

Yu Li studied in one of Chinas most famous fine art colleges in the 1950s, and was a professor of Fine Arts in Nanjing. He moved to the United States 20 years ago after being invited to teach.

[Yu Li, Professor of Fine Arts]:
Today in China has also changed a lot. When I was a student, you could not do any abstract. You could not. That would be punished. But fortunately today, when I was a student, a young man, I learned the fundamental technique.

Yu Lis painting is one of 40 that were selected for NTDs Chinese International Figure Painting Competition. It is part of the exhibition on display at the Ukrainian Institute of America in Manhattan New York from noon till 6pm tomorrow.

Sarah Matheson, NTD, New York.


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