NTDTV: Chinese City Names "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain"


The movie Avatar is breaking box office records in China. Its become the first film there to earn more than $100 million during its run.

Now a city in Hunan Province has officially renamed a local mountain, “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.”

The city of Zhangjiajie’s website says the mountain was filmed by a Hollywood photographer in 2008, and claims it was the inspiration for Avatar’s floating Hallelujah Mountains. Although director James Cameron has been quoted as saying the mountains were inspired by the famous Huangshan mountain range in Anhui Province.

Zhangjiajie’s website says that tourism to the area will increase after the name change, and a state-run travel agency is already offering Avatar-themed tour packages.

But the name change was not without controversy. After an online backlash, local officials denied naming the mountain after the movie. One official told state-run China Daily that they were just protecting their mountain’s “authority” and tourism brand.

It’s not the first Avatar-related controversy in China. Last week, officials ordered theaters to pull the 2D version of the film to make way for a film about Confucius. It came after Avatars themes of cultural suppression and land seizure—issues considered sensitive by the Chinese regime—became major discussion topics among Chinese Internet users.

NTDTV’s official YouTube Channel got taken down for some weird reason, so I thought it would be a good time to upload some of their noteworthy videos again and it’s also to remind you guys that you can actually still find ALL their programming on their website: http://english.ntdtv.com – So just cause Youtube is probably bowing to China again doesn’t mean they are gone – go visit their website, they don’t only have news on human rights in China, but have 24 hour programming with live streaming.


Date: July 25, 2019

9 thoughts on “NTDTV: Chinese City Names "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain"

  1. But it is a film with the most perfect picture, it is a picture of the earth at the most admirable with all sides like Hallelujah Mountain…. I believe that they are ready to make the biggest film they call 38 sammasambuddhas … All of us are just cheating of the story , Each one cluster lies the sammasambuddhas only 1-5 people, and he should be born only when the earth as in heaven at the time of the peak of the beauty of all seasons … you must hurry it would be when a new Bodhisattva could only stay there for a few years.

  2. Avatar made many question the direction humanity as a whole is going, the issues spoken of symbolicly transend the politics of any one country, as the film has been seen by a global audience we all see it through our unique cultural perseptive yet we all face the same issues no matter what flag we live under The issue is when will we see things for what they are with our own eyes ? , Ask yourself how would you feel if that was done to your people Does basic virtue have value anymore ?

  3. @Supenmanu You think just Communist Parties have propaganda… fool… every nation in the world has propaganda, and everyone of them are biased. Only used to dampen their civilians to stop worrying about their own country's problems.

  4. how would it be biased?
    Would you care to elaborate?
    or are you just categorically criticizing all news that come from TV stations outside the Communist Party's control?
    Is that the reason you are saying it's biased? Because it's not in line with the Communist Party's propaganda? And the only way to be neutral then would be to be repeating the Communist Party's propaganda? Well if that's your opinion… but some people might have different ideas about bias and neutrality…

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