The New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has called for global action on extremism in an exclusive BBC interview.

Speaking to the BBC’s Clive Myrie she said she also ‘utterly rejects’ the idea that New Zealand had perpetuated an environment that allows an extremist ideology to exist by allowing migrants in to the country.

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  1. Brunei with a 70% muslim population has passed new laws in April 2019 that will see LGBT people whipped or stoned to death for same-sex relations. Homosexuality is punishable by death in many muslim majority countries, including death by stoning in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia, Qatar and Nigeria.

  2. This lady is an absolute pillar of honesty, openness, forthrightness. Madam Prime Minister, if you ever felt like moving to the UK you would be welcomed with open arms socially and as Prime Minister of Great Britain politically. You are a beacon of light and hope, common sense and genuine morale compass. It's so refreshing to see you, even in this most tragic of times.

  3. Now you will NZ transform into an Orwellian police state, what is the point of bringing in strict gun laws when the guy who did it was Australian,and the country is already flooded with guns they will never stop them been sold on the black markets, they are just trying to disarm the population before they start stripping rights and turning the country into an islamic sess pit it is all part of the kalergi plan.

  4. Christian New Zealand PM is the most stupidest and dumbest WOMAN IN THE WORLD. She does not know the evil plans and agenda of evil ungrateful muslims to destroy the peace of Christian countries. ALL EVIL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES DONT PRACTICE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND HAVE NO HUMAN RIGHTS. In Islamic countries, the evil Muslims always Bully and suppress the minority Christians who live in fear. She seems to be a secret Muslim who does not have public Christian prayer or praise invoking the Name of Lord Jesus. ISLAM IS THE CANCER IN CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES.
    She must be immediately kicked out and arrested and put in jail. She has secret plans and agenda to work with evil ungrateful Muslims to destroy the peace of Christian New Zealand.
    All Christians must wake up and be united and fight the evil ungrateful Muslims.

  5. Before you go 'global' try 'local'. Amongst your elected house have a discussion on why somebody would resort to the extreme actions witnessed in Christchurch.
    Oh, removing your head from the sand prior to the commencement of discussion could be a great aid.

  6. if you think a guy ready to kill a lot of people wont do it because you BAN some guns … the dude will buy the same guns on the black market .. thats it … they cant solve this shit at all .. they know nothing but banning stuff … funny how its always white country that need to welcome everybody ….. why dont they do in a muslim country .. if islam is that great …. its just a way to replace white people …. its the same thing everywhere in white country … stay at home and enjoy ur shithole

  7. we will ban everything …. we will ban everything …. and when everything will be ban and nothing is changing … we wont know what to do since we only ban things and dont know shit about anything else .. i am a wahmen .. vote for wahmen.

  8. No human being could not be compassionate towards victims of the atrocity in Christchurch and to her credit she has done very well empathizing with victims and their families. But Ardern is the former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Her work experience is for the UN and in the offices of leftist politicians. She has never had a private sector job. She believes in the writings of Karl Marx and is an operative of the one world government movement – i.e. she is a globalist calling for a global solutions as we see in this interview. What is now worrying people here in New Zealand is how swiftly she has used this dreadful crime against humanity to further her leftist agenda. She also didn't win the last election in NZ. The center-right National Party won the most votes but the minority NZ First Party appointed her by joining a minority coalition Government.

  9. This is a person with mental problems running your country . People are saying she is a Tranny . She has been in mental hospital . Why did you elect her or was she appointed ??Is she from NZ , if not how is she your PM .

  10. Leading us into an Orwellian nightmare by taking away existing rights and censorship punishable by 10 years prison without discussion or due process is in fact EXTREMISM!

  11. Funny how the globalist socialist shill made no mention of thousands of Christians, Hindus and other religions killed by Muslims since Christchurch while she is talking about the globalist approach we have to take!
    Oh that's right, doesn't fit the agenda.
    I find it absolutely incredible that NZ elected a prime minister who studied to be a PUBLIC RELATIONS expert and was also elected international leader of the young socialist movement and they swallow e erythronium she says whilst she removes your rights and freedom of speach, incredible!

  12. Bolshevik Propaganda is deep rabbit hole of Jewish cartel fraud … 153news and Bitchute will get you the reality of this NON EVENT being media blitzed to the MASS MINDLESS wonders of the world .. THINK !!- ITS NOT ILLEGAL YET


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