Occupational Therapy Practice: Lifestyle Redesign®


Camille Dieterle, a USC Occupational Therapy Alumni, now works in the USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice providing Lifestyle Redesign® for various populations. In this video she talks about her practice, including weight management groups, executive health programs, going green, and more. Camille is one example of what it means to be an occupational therapist.

Learn more about occupational therapy and how to become an occupational therapist at www.usc.edu/ot.

Learn more about the USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice at www.usc.edu/ot/faculty_practice.


Date: December 11, 2019

9 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy Practice: Lifestyle Redesign®

  1. Yes but how do these clients find their way to the OT. Are they prescribed a life style redesign by a doctor and referred to the OT. Does an OT advertise and these people come and pay out of pocket, or does health insurance cover this kind of therapy? I'm fascinated and very interested in seeing an OT but I need to know a bit more.

  2. I am wondering if the Lifestyle Redesign program can be used for younger adults as well? I am very interested in taking the training and am wondering how transferrable this program is to other populations.

  3. Very interesting model of OT practice…I am an OTR enrolled in a doctoral program and we have been discussing the Lifestyle Redesign model so it's interesting to hear your program and how you implement this model of practice!  I too, am interested in payor source…

  4. Very inspiring video.
    I had similar question. Here in UK all major OT work is related to adaptation and return client to home from hospital, Where do you FIND client for lifestyle redesigning.

  5. life style redesign is sth i used to work with one of my clients,,and im planning on using it when i do my independent placement,,,if there is a way that i can contact u i would love if we could share expreience and learn from each other

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