On the tarmac at Kabul airport in Afghanistan – BBC News


Kabul airport has become the epicentre of the crisis in Afghanistan, with many thousands seeking to flee the country after the Taliban swept to power last week.

The BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet witnesses the atmosphere there as men, women and children are evacuated from their homeland.

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Date: September 22, 2021

45 thoughts on “On the tarmac at Kabul airport in Afghanistan – BBC News

  1. If I strap a bomb to myself, run to you and detonate the bomb, you can't fly but I do; psychiatric of a 1st year hijacker? Huh?

  2. As a proud American, I am ashamed by the actions of President Joe Biden. For him to do what he's done is absolutely a disgrace. The Americans around the world are hugely dissapointed. I can't imagine how our allies feel. I've got to think you'll think twice before assisting America when we need your help.

  3. There was the exodus of God"s people led by Moses and this is another exodus of God's people. They were fleeing from the heathens and these people are fleeing from those who claim to be pious followers of Allah, but are actually disciples of Lucifer and his cotery of satans.

  4. GREEN /BLUE screens are very good at portraying BS aren't they. WHEN we fly we have to wear a mask and take tests . These people have no masks ans COVID no longer applies to them. When thay get to the destination though it will be them that will be blamed on the next wave. ROLL up those sleeves people get you Weekly vax.

  5. O Western World

    There must be some vested / hidden interests of yours in Afganistan .

    Your denial to keep looking 4 them can be called your defeat .The world can ridicule u .

    But No

    the scenario is different —

    U have given them their voice —–

    You have given them a window to look at their lives and be bewildered ….

    U r not a looser .

  6. The so called human rights groupist always Condemning USA interfering and occupying Mid East troubled countries..now USA hear u and leaving for Long good ..now they want USA back,,what a joke,,human rights group are idiotic at best!

  7. This like a circus show..the so called Good Samaritan always say how the west invade and interfere Mid East countries,,now they hear u they leaving for good,,now u want them back..idiot at best

  8. Ur BBC is disappointed full of liyes to world 4god sake stop telling people lying about ur discustet beavers no is stupid to believe u.try the Israel kills women children. If u very honest about it.ur just like Hitler regime

  9. The world countries are silent on what US has done in Afghanistan since 2001 US politicians handed over Afghanistan to Haqani fighters and Taliban whom US and NATO used to call terrorists groups how can US fool the world and say we have achieved our goal what goal are they talking about? Was their goal to create such situations after 20 years of their presence in Afghanistan?

  10. dear mam can you go to palestine and kashmir and show the cruelty of westerns and israel you will not do that this human crises is nothing than palestine and kashmir and also this little crises ceat by america itself to call unnecessory so many people on the airport to creat mess

  11. John Maynard Keynes wrote: "If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with banknotes, bury them at suitable depths and leave to the private enterprise…to dig the notes up again" When money turns over it is a sign of productivity and wealth creation. That's what the endless wars do. Instead of the government burying money in bottles for people to dig them up; we give this group of child rapists guns and befriend them to fight against that group of child rapists … really you cannot make this stuff up. Meanwhile all the latte sipping intellectual media shills make money from China to promote Chinese aggression across the world.

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