One day a hungry beggar went to the house of a rich man


47 thoughts on “One day a hungry beggar went to the house of a rich man

  1. The beggar had an eating disorder that made him go berserk if he ate too much. After the beggar gave the rich guy the lecture, he took a butcher knife and whacked off the rich guys head. He got away with the crime, because he used “I was too full to know know what I was doing” as a defense. Moral of the story, just point and laugh at beggars, it’s safer.

  2. That is the story of good old days!! Now the talk is about dieting. Stop eating before you are half full. Drink 10 glasses of water and exercise till all fat is burnt down. Buy 1crore worth health insurance and have quarterly medical check up at least 64 tests, ecg, bp, Hba1c etc.

  3. Your all stories HVE a great message and can u plzz make voice I JST wna listen before sleeping at night to motivate myself THNKU 💖🙏🏻

  4. help they people they dont have food because they need food in Corona virus is there so tht im coming out from home . otherwise i well help food to poor people im also poor only i knows value of food .

  5. For a second there , When I read the beggar went to the rich man's house to ask for food, I thought the rich man was going to slam the door in the beggar's face..

  6. Moral of the story :
    You can never satisfy a beggar. They always have their impeccable readymade arguments for demanding more.

    So, the moment u see a beggar. Give them whatever u can or snub and then get rid of them immediately.

  7. KINDNESS IS MOST IMPORTANT. I always give rice to poor & needy as without food no one can SURVIVE. Also I keep cooked rice in a terrace corner daily which birds eat.

  8. In this world people don't say no, to anything. Whether it is wealth or any thing else.But they say no to, when they eat. In this story it is different. What I learned from this story is that one want is fulfilled, another want will arise. So there's no limit for wants and desires.

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